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Oct 22, 2006

Mountain-Pure water filter system MT660 installation instructions

I recently purchased a Mountain-Pure water filter system model number MT660. Someone must of opened the box as there were no instructions inside. Can you please fax or email me the appropriate installation and filter care instructions?
Mountain-Pure water filter system MT660 is very similar to model number  Doulton Ultracarb filter IP100UC.
Under-sink water filter installation instructions in pdf format.
Ceramic filter cleaning instructions.

Should you be missing the filter installation components they can all be found in water filter  accessories department.

Should you need assistance with selecting the right components or with installation feel fee to call us at 1-888-664-3336 (toll free).

IP100SC undersink water filter system replacements

Last year I purchased a IP100SC undersink water filter system and had it installed by a plumber. I now want to replace the cartidge. I purchased an Ultracarb ceramic water filter candle as a replacement but not certain that I bought the correct candle for this system.
Can you help?
Last two letters in the model name stand for:
SC- Supercarb, UC- Ultracarb, MC- Megacarb. All elements are interchangeable.
They differ in capacity and contaminants removal- please refer to Comparison table for the pressure filters candles.

Help me to decide which type/style water filter I may need

I am interested in purchasing a water filter, but there are so many on the
market, I am confused. Can you help me decide which type/style I may need
I would like to have it for the kitchen and on my refrigerator, is this
possible and what would the cost be, who would have to install it, how often

Would the filter need to be changed? Thank you for your time and help
Are you on city water or well water?
From under-sink water filter Model IP100UC (Ultracarb) $249.00 USD filtered water can be brought to your fridge from the sink base cabinet using 25 or 35 ft Kit for ice maker or refrigerator ($19.95 or $21.55).
Yes the replacement Ultracarb cartridge ($59) have to be changed. The change frequency is every 6 months based on typical household of 4 using the filtered water for drinking and cooking.
Installation is DIY or hire a handy person that knows how to use players and screwdriver.

Mountain Pure MT660® replacement cartridge MT661-RFC

I have a Mountain Pure MT660® and need a replacement cartridge. Please tell me which is the correct model to order.
Replacement cartridge is called MT661-RFC found on the following link:
It is also fits model MT662.
You can place on order over the phone at: 1-888-664-3336.

Filter for just the cold water tap at the kitchen sink

I have a concrete lined shallow well at my mountain cabin that yields very soft water which is clear and tastes OK, but slowly stains toilet tanks to a dark brown color. I am advised that the brown is due to the action of bacteria that live off the iron in the granitic soil in my location. While the brown stain is no problem, recent tests show that the water also flunks current total coliform tests, but is negative for fecal coliform.

I'm considering a filter for just the cold water tap at the kitchen sink, which would be installed in a 1/2" PVC vertical pipe. My concern is that the filter automatically drain when the rest of the house plumbing is drained, as it often is, since the cabin is left unheated in freezing weather.

Do you make a filter than can be mounted so that the cartridge is horizontal, and will drain when the whole house is drained, without special intervention?
The brown stains usually indicates that your water may have tannins which are very common with shallow wells. Total coliform is also common as coliform exist everywhere.

We carry 3 piece commercial filter w/3/4" ports you reduce it to 1/2" which can be installed in any position. When all drained out simply unscrew the sump, remove the ceramic cartridge and make sure you air drye for at least 24 hrs. before store it away.

To see the filter picture/specs is similar to one of the following link:
Should you have further questions please contact us.

Whole house carbon filter will remove the TCE

In my hometown we have 2 water problems. Nitrates from fertilizer and also isolated pockets of TCE from an industrial spill.

Does your filter remove nitrates?
Does it remove TCE?

If TCE is in the water supply a whole house carbon filter will remove the TCE, it will minimize ingestion and inhalation exposures. As for the nitrates removal we recommend point-of-use counter-top or under-sink filter just for the drinking and cooking water which all of these filters are available.
Do you know how much Trichloroethene and nitrates in your water. The TCE is a nasty VOC and you should not have it in your water.

Aug 8, 2006

Water filter for a trip overland in a vehicle in Africa.

i am planning a trip overland in a vehicle in africa - i am wondering what filters you would recommend. i am travelling alone.

currently i am considering the GSS2 - could you advise what the filter capacity is (overall litres/gallons processed by each filter?)

alternatively, what is the difference between the GSS2 and the Sterasyl? I see the sterasyl has a capacity of 50 000 litres.

could you please advise which of the above (or other) would be the best product for me under the above circumstances.

could you please advise soonest.

GSS2 is the gravity water filter supplied complete with two 2"x7" Supersterasyl ceramic candles,wing nuts, gaskets, spigot and filter lid.
Supersterasyl is a Sterasyl candle with coconut shell activated carbon inside to improve the taste and odor of the water in addition to remove organic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents. The carbon capacity using to filter out city chlorinated water is 750 gallons per candle, the ceramic shell is good for many 1000's gallons.
Spare set of candles recommended.

Industrial version of water filters made out of stainless steel

I work in ... LLC. Our product is widely known for its novelty presentation of chemical lights.
In an effort to integrate some of our components into the manufacturing plant, the Company has decided to begin making some of it's own chemical blending.
To that end I need an industrial version of your water candle filters made out of stainless steel (304 or 316) using some form of inert filter element.
Our product will have a very light viscosity with it's primary element being di-butil benzoate (oily).
The blend, prior to passing thru your candle filter will have passed thru a leaf filter to remove 99.9% of solid material.
The blending process will be in batch form, making about 4 to 6 (55 gallon) batches per shift at a process temp of 60C.
I need information on what filter can fit my needs and what would be the cost of such a unit.
You can perform pilot test study with HSS-1 304L stainless steel filter and ceramic micro-cartridge rather than candle. The candles fits Doulton housing only which you can use Doulton 316 stainless steel filter housing.
HSS-1 can be found on the following link:

Water is high in iron and has the lovely rotten egg smell

I have a problem and am asking around for help. I live in the ..., Washington area and our water here is gross. It is high in iron and has the lovely rotten egg smell. This stuff stains everything a lovely orange color and I think one would smell better if they DIDN'T take a shower. Here is the specs of my pad:

four bedroom shack
well that is about 168 feet deep and flows about 12-15 gallons a minute of "stink"
1.25" poly line feed the pad with 42 PSI
no sprinkler systems for fire suppression

Any help and pricing you can offer up is greatly appreciated.

I commend you for such a colorful description of your water and yet retain good sense of humor.
Air injections automatic back-wash systems with up 20 ppm. iron, up to 7 ppm sulfide and 4 ppm manganese removal. Working pH 7-9
Automatic back-wash sulfide/manganese removal system up to 30 ppm. Working pH 6.5-9
Automatic back-wash iron removal system up to 40 ppm. Working pH 6.5-9
Best is to know how many ppm of each you have in your water and based on that we can recommend appropriate system

Reduce aresnic level in artesian well water

I have an 500 foot deep artesian well. in 1993 the arsenic level was
11 ppb which was well under the EPA guideline of 50 ppb. We recently
had it tested and it is now 19 ppb above the new 10 ppb EPA
guideline. Will the Doulton ACBTC-AF50-12 model be the best fit
for my house? We have 4 bathrooms. If this unit were installed what
would you estimate it would reduce my aresnic level to. Would it
bring it down below th 10PPB guideline?

It would reduce the arsenic to none detectable level. Normally on such a low level of arsenic we recommend point-of-use under-sink or counter-top filters to treat just the drinking and cooking water.
Which under-sink model would you recommend for my house?
I only need to treat for arsenic. Everything else test outs OK
IP200UC+. The reason I recommend dual housing filter is that the ceramic candle in the last housing will slow down the flow rate to about 1/2 GPM max. giving the water enough contact time with the media or, IP100 any model you control the flow rate to 1/3 - 1/2 GPM with the filter shut-off ball valve (supplied w/install kit). If choosing IP100 in the shopping cart text area state that you want A-5 candle instead the default candle.

Jun 6, 2006

Does the Supercarb W9122021 fit a standard 10" filter housing?

Does the Doulton Supercarb ceramic filter W9122021 fit a standard 10" filter housing?

No, that one fits in Doulton filters only but Doulton Supercarb W922901 fits most industry standard 10" filters which can be found on the following link:

Inline undersink water filter

I am interested in having one of your Doulton ceramic systems installed in my kitchen undersink. I'd like it to be an in-line system so I don't have to have an additional tap on my countertop. Is this possible?
We receive same request as yours every now and then which we recommend our Regent I which have high capacity and flow rate with Imperial Ultracarb Cartridge It is only available from us and the cost is $249.00 without the faucet and install hardware. For more details visit the following link:
What install hardware do I need with this setup? also, does this system provide maximum filtration?

Your cold water shut-off valve is most likely located in the center back of the sink base cabinet, You want to install the filter closer to the cabinet door as you may need to clean the ceramic cartridge every now and then as well periodic change out.
We can give you 3-4 feet of 3/8" PE tubing for the filter supply. On the shut-off valve end you'll need a 3/8" plastic compression tube ring (delrin) and a 3/8" compression nut (use the existing if you can) to attache the filter supply and the other end of the supply simply push in into the filter inlet (build in push-fit inlet/outlet).
For the filter outlet to the faucet you'll need standard 3/8" faucet riser of appropriate length (gray plastic riser). All the items you need are commonly found at local "big box" or hardware stores. Should you need any elbows to avoid sharp bends (kinks) we can supply you with push-fit elbow (s) at no charge. Push-fit connection instructions are supplied withe the filter. The Imperial Ultracarb filter efficiency is same as with our slimline Ultracarb element.
Push-fit instructions can be found on the following link:

Jun 5, 2006

Looking to replace bottled water service with inline water filtration system.

We are a business of about 50 employees looking to replace bottled water service with inline water filtration system.
In looking at your website it looks like what I had in mind is something like:

Under the sink Chiller® with Doulton filtered water: The Chiller water system UC-2 has 7 gals./28 L per day chilling capacity.
Knowing nothing about this subject, I am wondering if our goal of chilled, filtered water would be met by this system or if you have any other recommendations, suggestions?? Our employee break room has a fairly standard kitchen sink, plumbing etc. and we have minimal counter space so under the counter is an attractive option.
Your best item for your purpose will be a system that we offer on our "Specials" page which consist of Regent I high capacity commercial filter, UC-2 chiller, dual temperature (chilled and ambient) faucet and complete installation kit for $799.00. The filter Imperial Ultracarb cartridge capacity is 2000 gallons to maintain premium quality drinking water (better than any bottled water). That is about 400 five gallons bottles and the replacement cartridge cost $115.10.
This package can be found on the following link:

Many employers also offer combination, instant hot and chilled filtered water which are installed in under-sink cabinet. These can be found on the following link:
You had previously advised that the Regent I was probably our best bet. I was hoping there was someone out here that knew your product and could handle the verification of fit, installation, etc.
I could order this but do not want to be the install guy. Suggestions?
Installation is very simple and is designed to be installed by average homeowner knowing how to use players and screwdriver. Everything is included for complete install including instructions. All connections are push-fit
Furthermore we'll be glad to help over the phone if the installer need any help.

The CU1200 is Doulton Ultracarb candle part number W9123053

I need some replacement candles for an undersink stainless steel water filter and wanted to be sure to order the right one for the model I have. I believe the replacement filter is for the model # IS100UC, which would make it a CU1200? I do not have the unit in front of me but I purchased it several years ago. Also, I would like to order the replacemnt 'O' ring for the stainless steel canister if available.
The CU1200 is Doulton Ultracarb candle part number W9123053 and is readily available as well gasket for your filter.
You can place your order on the following link for the Ultracarb candle or by phone

May 14, 2006

I am inquiring about model SB (Sports Bottle).

I am inquiring about model SB (Sports Bottle). I have seen your SB item advertised elsewhere on the Internet and was interested in purchasing it.
So in researching the product on your website, I was confused by the description. What do you mean about this model NOT being a "Doulton Product"?
What we mean by NOT being a "Doulton product" is that our filters are based upon physical proprieties of pure diatomation earth (ceramics) which is, submicron filtration in absolute range whilst the sport bottle rely on carbon and ion exchange media to adsorb (like a magnet) certain contaminants from water. Sports bottles are manufactured in the USA. Doulton ceramics - in UK.

Will the sodium from a water softner clog Doulton water filter?

Will the sodium from a water softner clog the filter?
Thank you for your interest in Doulton water purifiers. The answer to your question is no and yes. The no part is that the Doulton ceramic candles does not remove dissolved beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and, in your case sodium. The yes part is that no well nor city water is as pure as not to clog Doulton submicron candle however the beauty is that the candle is easily cleanable with simple scouring pad many times over. Frequency of cleaning depend on the amount of the impurity of the incoming water and the amount of use, normally 3-6 months for typical household use.
You have to remember that if a filter do not clog then either your incoming water is "super clean" or the filter is not doing it's job by letting most of the impurity pass by.

May 5, 2006

Hooking up water filter to the fridge/ice maker

I just ordered the IP100SC supercarb undersink model of water purifier. We had our water tested and it appears that metals are okay. My only concern is possibly beasties that inhabit the groundwater and such.(we are on a well) the Doulton should take care of that.
question#1: my fridge is on the opposite corner of the kitchen and we have a tile floor. How can we order the icemaker filter kit and it work that far away. What is the usual method of hooking it up.
question#2: if i decide I want a different finish on my faucet, will it be possible to exchange it and pay the 19.95??
1. The fridge/ice maker kit consist of a reducing push-fit tee which is connected between the filter outlet and the drinking water faucet. The tubing is inserted into the tee and usually is brought to the back of the fridge via basement/crawl space and normally will require insulation in unconditioned crawl spaces in freezing regions. If our standard ice maker kits are not long enough we can give you any length of tubing you may need.
2. Yes! For any other different faucet finish you only pay $19.95.
I have a whirlpool Model ED5FTGXKQ02 which has a built in ice/water dispenser in the freezer door. I currently have nylon reinforced tubing connected to the solenoid on the back of my refrigerator using a hose clamp and the other end is adapted to a standard garden hose type fitting which is connected to a y-joint I inserted in the cold water line which feeds my washing machine. I have done it in this fashion as I live in a military assigned house and currently do not have the option to do this 100% right. I am trying to locate fittings to make this a more secure connection so I can run proper tubing with a screw on fitting for the ice maker (I believe it is ¼”) on one end and a secure fitting which will connect to my y-gate on the other end (this would have to be a standard garden hose type connection. The total length of tubing I will require is approximately 10-15 feet. Looking through the fittings on your website I believe you might have what I am looking for but cannot really tell by looking at the pictures. Can you advise if you have what I need to make this work and provide necessary ordering information to purchase this material from your company? I hope I have properly explained my current and desired setup but f there are any questions please let me know and I will provide any amplifying information you need to assist me in my endeavors.
Your information is clear and you need the following items to do a professional job :
3/4" GH female to 1/4" push-fit connector, 1/4" push-fit faucet connector to screw onto the solenoid and 1/4" food grade tubing which all can be purchased on the following link:

May 1, 2006

How often Ultracarb filter needs to be changed?

I am wondering how often Ultracarb ceramic filter needs to be changed. It says it can be cleaned, but on the box I have, it says its capacity is 600 gallons. Does that mean it needs to be changed after 600 gallons or that it needs to be cleaned after 600 gallons? How many cleanings can you do?
The lead reduction capacity is 600 gallons, cleaning frequency depends on flow reduction. Our recommendation is to maintain optimum quality drinking and cooking water change it every 6-9 months based on household of 4 users.

I ordered a new Supercarb candle part N° W9122021 yesterday, because it seemed about time to replace it.
My question is, how does one know when the candle is used up?
Based on household of 4 person using the filtered water for drinking and cooking change the candle every 9-12 months to maintain optimum quality water.

Apr 28, 2006

Can you recommend a system for filtering residential municipal water?

Okay. I'm sorry. You have so many filters, I get very confused. I'm hoping you can help me. I am looking for a stainless filtration system. I presently have a Cousen's (I think) under the counter system constructed of plastic. I recently read that the plastic could possibly leach and that the BEST filters are stainless. Would you agree??? Our family of five consumes mass quantities of water...far more than just a few gallons daily when considering the tea pot, cooking, etc. Can you recommend a system for filtering residential municipal water? Though I would love a "whole house" system, I am presently only able to purchase a "drinking" filter. I was looking at the stainless IS100UC and then the IP100UC and couldn't quite grasp the difference. And then of course, there's The Sovereign...which sounds like what I'd love but can't quite afford. Which would best set my mind at ease for filtering all the yuck that the city adds (chemicals etc.) plus everything that leaches in, as well as all the natural metals and bacterias??? Yikes. Again, reiterating: I want the best you have to offer. And could you compare any of them that you'd recommend with The Sovereign??? I hope you can help.
I disagree that best filter is of stainless steel construction. It is true that some plastic filters may leach out contaminants under right conditions (acidic water) but those are usually low quality filters (mostly imports) not being able to pass leach test. All of Doulton filters comply to be in contact with potable water source.
IS100UC and IP100UC contain the same Doulton Ultracarb ceramic filtration element.

Filter for surface untreated water e.g. lake/river water

We are in the process of building a lake house, and we suspect that we may have difficulties in drilling a well and may be forced to pull water from the lake.
Do your "whole house" filtration systems work for these purposes? Also, what impact does a 6gpm flow vs a 12gpm flow have on how the water gets used in the house - is there less pressure, or what? Do we need a holding tank to store the filtered water or does the filtration occur upon usage? At this time we do not expect that the house will be occupied full time.
Our "whole house" water filters are designed for well and or city treated water. For surface untreated water e.g. lake/river water our commercial/light industrial water filters fitted with Doulton ceramic cartridges are often used as in your case.
No need for holding tank as the filtration occur on demand. Choosing the flow rate depends on the amount people occupying the house and amount of bathrooms, generally for vacation home 6-8 GPM not filtering the irrigation system is sufficient. The pressure have nothing to due with the flow rate and typically the pressure leaving the ceramic filters is 50% less than the inlet pressure e.g. 60 PSI in 30 PSI out on clean ceramics, they are tight therefore we recommend 1 micron nominal pre-filter (inexpensive) to reduce the cleaning frequency.
On the following link you can view our systems:

Apr 27, 2006

Whole house filter for arsenic.

Could you please e-mail me more info on your ACBTC AF50 10 whole house filter for arsenic?

Assuming that a pre-filter for sediment is used, and an arsenic level in the water of 0.02 mg/liter, approximately how long, or how many gallons, would a cartridge last?

What is the cost of replacement cartridges?

Will this filter remove chlorine and/or ammonia that is added to a municipal water supply? (We are currently on well water, but may get county water next year. However, this would also be well water which might have low levels of arsenic and will also have chlorine and ammonia added to the water.)
The model you are referring to is whole house automatic back wash filter, arsenic removal media in it, no cartridges.
At that level of arsenic the media is good for at least 2 million gallons or about about 10 years use on typical household of 4. The replacement media cost $460 a cubic foot. All information can be found on the following link:
It does not remove chlorine/ammonia (chloramine), for that you may consider whole house carbon filter with coconut shell carbon in it.
Related items -point of use aresenic removal filers:

I am considering ordering one of your whole house arsenic water filters and have several questions:

If I install a whole house arsenic filter is there any advantage to installing one of your point of use filters for drinking water "downstream" of the whole house filter just to be sure that the actual drinking water has zero arsenic in it?

Is there any advantage to installing an inexpensive sediment filter "upstream" of the whole house arsenic filter to extend the filter life?

Is there a picture on your site of the ACBTC-AF50-12?
How much arsenic is in your water and if any how much fluoride and iron? No need for sediment filter as this will filter out particles down to 20 microns. The picture is at the bottom of the following link:
Our well water tests just above the detection level for arsenic (0.02 mg/l). Iron is at 0.021. Fluoride is ND.

I'm looking to get drinking and cooking water to arsenic to zero and showering water pretty close to zero. If I need to use a point of use arsenic filter downstream from the whole house filter to be sure of getting all of the arsenic out I'm willing to do that.

I was just asking about a sediment filter upstream of the whole house arsenic filter if that would prolong the filter life of the whole house unit.

What is the expected life of a whole house filter? What is the cost?

Does any of the aluminum from the filter element end up in the water? Does the filtering process add anything at all to the water?
As I mentioned in my previous answer they will filter out sediments down to 20 microns and all sediments will be flushed down the drain during regeneration cycle. If you wish to put sediment filter upstream it's up to you.
With the amount of arsenic in your water they will remove both As3 and As5 down to none detectable level for about 3.5 to 4 million gallons per cubic foot. 1 cu.ft. of media cost $680.00 plus freight.
They do not add anything to the water nor the media migrate out of the filter as it has retaining final polish filter that keeps the media in the filter. All the prices can found on the following link:

Apr 24, 2006

I want to filter the water for Maytag refrigerator ice maker.

Hey, could you recommend a filter system for me. I just purchased a standard Maytag refrigerator (typical 2-door w/freezer on top). I want to filter the water for its ice maker. There’s a water supply faucet right at the wall where the refrigerator backs into.

Could you recommend one of your systems; I’d go ahead and order it, because I’m not going to use the ice maker system until I get a filtration system installed.
You can use our "add on" filter supplied with Ultracarb element found on the following link:

The connection to the inlet and outlet are 3/8" push-fit type. Should you need to reduce it you can use 3/8" stem 1/4" tube reducer found on the following link for $2.76 ea.:
These fittings will work with copper tubing as long the end of the tubing is slightly sanded off however on the same page you can find 1/4" PE tubing sold by foot.
I have a whirlpool Model ED5FTGXKQ02 which has a built in ice/water dispenser in the freezer door. I currently have nylon reinforced tubing connected to the solenoid on the back of my refrigerator using a hose clamp and the other end is adapted to a standard garden hose type fitting which is connected to a y-joint I inserted in the cold water line which feeds my washing machine. I have done it in this fashion as I live in a military assigned house and currently do not have the option to do this 100% right. I am trying to locate fittings to make this a more secure connection so I can run proper tubing with a screw on fitting for the ice maker (I believe it is ¼”) on one end and a secure fitting which will connect to my y-gate on the other end (this would have to be a standard garden hose type connection. The total length of tubing I will require is approximately 10-15 feet. Looking through the fittings on your website I believe you might have what I am looking for but cannot really tell by looking at the pictures. Can you advise if you have what I need to make this work and provide necessary ordering information to purchase this material from your company? I hope I have properly explained my current and desired setup but f there are any questions please let me know and I will provide any amplifying information you need to assist me in my endeavors.

Your information is clear and you need the following items to do a professional job :
3/4" GH female to 1/4" push-fit connector, 1/4" push-fit faucet connector to screw onto the solenoid and 1/4" food grade tubing which all can be purchased on the following link:

When do we know its time to change filter?

How many days/months of use by a family of four under normal conditions will an frx02 filter last? When do we know its time to change it?
Rated capacity for lead reduction is 600 gallons. If you are using the filtered water for drinking and cooking purposes to maintain premium quality water change it every 6 months. If you are using the filtered water just for drinking then change it every 9 months.

Supercarb,Ultracarb: Cyst, Lead and Other Contaminants Reduction

Supercarb,Ultracarb: Cyst, Lead and Other Contaminants Reduction

We own 3 of your Doulton Counter Top Ultracarb Water Filters in plastic and I noticed as I searched the web for cartideg replacements that there is the usual Ultracarb which I've been using and the Megacarb replacement filter cartridge.

Will the Megacarb 10" fit and is it usable in my countertop water filters? Is this better than the Ultracarb replacement cartridges as my well water has fecal coloform bacteria from an old septic system that is no longer used but still affects our water. The 4th main faucet we have and use is the only one without a Doulton water filter on it. We've used a SunPure UV + filtering water purifier on that one but have found they are no longer being manufactured so I will have to find a replacement.

Will the Doulton with a Megacarb work as well as the SunPure Water Purifier for the bacteria removal for my family's safety even though it doesn't have a UV?
Megacarb ceramic candle (part N° W9130113) is interchangeable with Ultracarb (part N° W9123053) however is tighter than Ultracarb. All of the Doulton ceramic candles are far more effective on removing bacteria than any UV on the market negating the needs for UV. With Megacarb candle we can guarantee greater than 99.9999% fecal coliform reduction.

I want to purchase a filter that will take out ALL the horrors now found in the water

I have been using an excellent-quality bottled water for 30 years and now want to eliminate the bottled water and purchase a water filter. I have been researching water filters and am interested in possibly buying a Doulton.

In researching the public water where I live, I reviewed their 2005 annual drinking water quality report. The following may be found
in this water:

- arsenic
- pesticides and herbicides from chemicals used on laws by residents
- nitrates from fertilizer
- VOCs (Volatile Organic Contaminants)
- chlorine added by the water company to kill bacteria
- Polyphosphates added by the water company to take out iron
- Hydrated lime and soda ash added by the water company

I am interested in knowing if the Doulton Water Filter can take out any and all of the above substances.

What I particularly want is to purchase a filter that will take out ALL the horrors now found in the water (or as many of them as
possible while leaving in tact all the minerals naturally found in hard water.

In other words, I do NOT want to drink soft water. I DO want to drink hard water WITHOUT the garbage.

The polyphosphates and lime and soda ash are harmless natural minerals that are used in water treatment industry.
The polyphosphates coat the calcium and magnesium ions preventing them from adhering to plumbing fixtures and water using appliances reducing the scale build up. This does not mean that the minerals are removed. they can only be removed by ion exchange treatment such as softener.
Lime and soda ash is used to lower the alkalinity in the water making it to taste less bitter.

Our triple housing filters can address the rest of the contaminants that may be in your water by using selected elements. If your nitrates are less than 10 mg/L then dual housing filter with arsenic and Ultracarb candle will be more than adequate.

I would like a counter top filter that filters MTBE and Fluoride

I would like a counter top filter that filters MTBE, and Fluoride. The local water people add fluoride and I don't want it in my food and water.

I don't have an MTBE problem here, but; I will be using an RV and traveling all over the country, so I want to be prepared. If a filter can stop these two things they will probably stop everything else too.

I don't need many gallons per day at this time. Is the Berkefeld capable of doing what I need? Originally I wanted a distiller. I want the purest water possible without spending seven hundred dollars for a distiller that uses electricity.

If you have any suggestions please let me know. I am open to anything.

In gravity mode British Berkefeld Supersterasyl candles will remove MTBE, VOC's such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals as well >99.99% e.coli bacteria and 100% cysts such as Cripto and Giardia. As for fluoride we do have specific elements for the gravity filters. They are 4" elements that screws onto the candles nozzle on the under side of the upper chambre.
The 2 candle system will produce about 10 gallons per day and source water can be anything other than raw sewage and sea water.

We have owned and appreciated our Doulton HCP Countertop water filter since 1996, having replaced the cartridges as necessary.
I have been reading the FAQs on your website, looking for any information regarding fluoride , since it has been added to our city drinking water this past week. Does the Doulton filtering system remove fluoride from the drinking water, and if not, is there any filter that does?

The Ultracarb candle may remove some fluoride as it does remove heavy metals however we do carry fluoride specific element which a second housing can be added to your existing HCP. The add on conversion can be found on the following link:

Mar 28, 2006

Well water. It leaves a rust colored film over everything it touches, including the cars

I am looking for information on a Filtration system for my sprinkler system. My house is on city water but the sprinkler is on well water. It leaves a rust colored film over everything it touches, including the cars. Can you make any suggestions as to what would be the best product for my situation?
The rust color is most likely iron commonly found in most wells.
Have a local lab or any water conditioning company test your water to make sure is iron and amount of iron in the water. Our whole house iron and sulfur filter are very effective in iron removal without using any chemicals. For more details please visit the following link:

Mar 27, 2006

Whole house "do all" water filter

What I would like to have when finished setting up our home is for the best of water filtration, if possible and within a reasonable cost in which I feel you have for your high standards of quality products.

I would like not to have a water softner on our system if possible.
I would like to have a whole home filteration system that removes chlorine, lead chemicals, and any other unsafe items. The kitchen sink I will want a under counter drinikng water system. The water at the showers and bath sinks will be free and safe for normal usage from the filter, just not drinking water.

I have attached my city's water report.
Would you advise me on how you would set up our home with all of your product numbers.
I am looking to use your company exclusively to do this because of your experience and support that you have given me to answering my questions.
There is no whole house "do all" filter nor is practical to treat the water to high degree on every tap. Bituminous activated carbon removes chlorine and to some degree organic compounds such as herbicides, pesticides and industrial carbon based solvents and coconut shell carbon is more effective on VOC's than bituminous. Activated carbon does not remove inorganic compounds such as lead. We have filters with 4.25"x20" extruded carbon block cartridge that in addition will remove lead with the following limitations: chlorine removal 66,000 gallons, lead reduction 17,000 gallons capacity and flow rate of 5 GPM. We carry whole house automatic carbon water filters and none automatic filters with choice of carbon however based on your city water report I don't think you need one unless you want to get the chlorine out on every tap.

Our single housing IP100UC four stage under sink filter is more than you'll need for premium quality drinking and cooking water.

I would like to get the chlorine out of every tap. I believe the system I am looking at would be the whole house carbon system ACBTC-CA10 with coconut shell carbon. IP100UC under counter for our drinking water.
What are you thoughts regarding our city's water quaility and removing our water softener to eliminate the salt in our system?

According to water report you have pretty good water. Now they don't show the hardness which is not a contaminant but it looks as they are mixing well (hard) with surface (soft) water therefore you may not need a softener. If I were in your place I'll do the following: Your water softener should have bi-pass valve. Isolate the softener and turn the power off to it. Use the none softened water for about a week as usual. If the soap doesn't lather well, glasses become spotty after washing, mineral build up on showers and fixtures these are signs of hard water. Also, when you showering with hard water the skin feels slippery and slimy. There are inexpensive hardness test kits you can find on the Internet and tested yourself or ask your water dept. if they know what is the hardness.
If the none softened water is acceptable then install the whole house carbon in place of the softener to minimize piping.

Whole home water filtration systems

I just purchased your shower filters for our home and looking at your whole home systems.
I recently had a friend tell me about this system they purchased in Nevada.

There system says you are able to drink water at every faucet??
I am looking for your guidance in this because of your years in this industry. Look forward to learning more about your systems and how to set up our home properly.

We have a 3 bath home with 3 people.

The filter you point to is just an ordinary filter similar as ours except I don't know which back-wash controller they use. We can dress our filters with chrome look jacket or other colors as an option. The manufacturer of the KDF55 media which is combination of copper and zinc alloy "claims" many "magical" performance however they cannot substantiate any of them except conversion of chlorine to chlorides. The NSF 61 standard is nothing than the media is OK to be in contact with potable water. For more information on their and other water chemistry hucksters "claims" visit retired chemistry professor Brown page on the following link:

Your friend filter is fine as it have carbon in it. As far softening we nor KDF Fluid mfg. have not a single proof of softening hard water.
I'm sure you'll have more questions so feel free to do so.

Also you can find some info on Steve Lower "BunkHouse" product cross-reference page, which has an entry for this product and a link to the appropriate explanatory section of the AquaScams site.
Steve Lower - Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University (retired)
Burnaby (Vancouver) BC, Canada
AquaScams: water pseudoscience and quackery -
What is pseudoscience?
General Chemistry Virtual Textbook:
Steve's personal Web page:

I am looking at getting the following from you whole house ACBTC- CA10 carbon filter
with the coconut shell carbon. I have a water softner on the home now for hard water. Would I leave the softner in place and run this filter before the softner?
I would also get the IP300PSCB-2 for our drinking water.

Question about water softners. The salt comes the reserve salt tank to clean the media in the unit? Do you get salt in your water?
If I remember right you are on city chlorinated water. Can you tell me how old is your softener. The reason for this question is that your softener resin may be damaged as chlorine can destroy resin in very few years but that's not a big deal as you can replace the resin, not expensive. If you tell me the diameter and height of the tank (not including the controller) I can tell you how much resin you need. Should you need to change the resin we can help you over the phone on how to change it, it's very simple.
Our best resin cost $104.00 per cubic foot.
On chlorinated water carbon filter is always installed before softener.

Salt is used to regenerate the the resin beads therefore softener does add sodium to the water and the amount of sodium is based on hardness of your water (see table bellow).
Please concider our NEW NO SALT softeners up to 25 gpg/425 mg/L hardness and special blend granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration systems for high reduction of chlorine, chloramines, THM's, PAH's, VOC's and industrial chemicals for hard, city water.

Initial Hardness Sodium Added

1.0 grains per gallon 7.5 milligrams/quart

5.0 grains per gallon 37.5 milligrams/quart

10.0 grains per gallon 75.0 milligrams/quart

20.0 grains per gallon 150.0 milligrams/quart

40.0 grains per gallon 300.0 milligrams/quart

As a comparison: One slice of white bread has 161 milligrams of sodium; 3/4 cup of canned baked beans = 1130 milligrams; 1 tablespoon of catsup = 204 milligrams; 1 medium frankfurter = 610 milligrams; and 1 cup of whole milk = 127 milligrams. However, if you are under low sodium intake advisory you can use potassium chloride for regeneration instead of salt and this will cut down the sodium in your water by 99%.

If you intend to buy the whole house filter you will not need the shower filters which you can return them if they are not used.

I cannot seem to unscrew the water filter head from the sump

In my new home came installed a MT660 filter and I am trying to install a new ceramic candle (MT661 RFC-Ultracarb).
I cannot seem to unscrew the head from the sump, as I feel I am about to break the unit. Any ideas? Tips or tricks?
1. Turn off the water to the filter
2. Open (turn on) the filter faucet, this will relive the back pressure
Once you change the Ultracarb candle apply a bit of vegetable oil to the sump "O" ring before closing.

Franke undersink water filter FRHH1 and the threads on the top are stripped

I have a Franke undersink water filter that is model FRHH1 and the threads on the top are stripped. Can I order a new top through you?
Unfortunately the filter head and it's thread is proprietary Franke which will not sell you head only nor you can find spare parts other than ceramic element. On the plus side, recently you bought 2 FRX02 (M-15) candles from us which makes you an established customer qualifying you to purchase Doulton housing at subsidized price ($40.00). Conversion is very easy and simple, instructions supplied. On the following link you'll find the Doulton housing and Ultracarb candle. The unused FRX02 (Franke Ultracarb) candles you can send back to us for full credit less shipping cost.

Feb 22, 2006

Gravity-based water filtration system manufactured in India by Pradeep.

I am an American living in Uganda where I need to filter all my drinking
water. I recently bought a gravity-based water filtration system locally.
It is manufactured in India by Pradeep. Unfortunately, there was no
instruction manual that came with it.

It has two chambers, and the upper chamber has two candles in it. The
surface of the candles is granular and white. When I poured my first batch
of water into the upper chamber, the water that finally came through in the
bottom chamber had a funny smell and taste to it -- similar to the smell of
the candles.

Can you please advise me on the proper use of this system? Unfortunately, I
do not think that Doulton candles are available in Uganda. So, what are my
other alternatives?
The smell and taste is contaminants (antimony, arsenic etc.) leaching out of the ceramic candles. The Indian candles are not certified to be used as potable water filters.
On the following link you can find the Middle East dealer who may be able to sell you Doulton candles or also the European agent who's in charge of African sales. Make sure to ask for two 7 inch SuperSterasyl candles for gravity filters which will work with the Indian filter. Instructions are included with each candle as well rubber gasket and wing nut. If they can't help you please contact us, we do ship worldwide.

Feb 21, 2006

Where I can buy sediment FXHSC filter for GE SmartWater whole house filter housing GXWH35F?

Where I can buy sediment FXHSC filter for GE SmartWater whole house filter housing GXWH35F?
SMF100J-5 4.25"x9.75" 5 ┬Ám
filter is interchangeable with GE SmartWater whole house filter cartridge FXHSC and fits the following GE SmartWater Whole House water filters: * GE GXWH30C
* Most other brands of Whole-House filters that accept 9.75 x 4.5 inch filters.
Go to
and scroll down to "Pleated polyester sediment cartridges, washable/reusable many times"

Feb 18, 2006

Fluoride removal in Gravity fed water filters

I purchased the GSS2 Gravity water system. I have a flouride filter for it too
but I can't figure out where to put it. I assumed that it would be
in the lower compartment and attached to the faucet. However, the
adapter on the flouride element doesn't allow for the large grouves
from the faucet to fit into it.

Any suggestions, please call me as I cannot find out on the website
how to attach this, and I want to use the unit as soon as possible.
Screw on the gray coupling onto the short (4") fluoride filter nozzle
then screw the other end onto the ceramic filters nozzle on the
underside of the upper chamber. Make sure you use both. Should you
have problem give us a call.

I think I get it. Use both floride filters - one at the underside of each of the ceramic filters on the upper side.
I never thought of that approach. Good move.

Can you tell me how much flouride reduction there is in your
Fluoride/heavy metal reduction element for gravity filters 2"x4"
Typical municipal water will have up to 2 ppm fluoride which will be about 400 gallons for each element to reduce fluoride to none detectable level. The media is far more effective when used in gravity mode as opposed to pressure mode.

Feb 10, 2006

Does Franke Ultracarb FRX02 filter remove fluoride?

Question about the Ultracarb FRX02 filter used by Franke.
I wonder if you could tell me whether or not this filter removes
No, if you have single Franke filter and wish to remove fluoride we
have an upgrade kit.

Quote for "Spare Fluoride/ metal reduction candle" ship to Israel

Please send me a quote for "Spare Fluoride/ metal reduction candle" 2 each of bone char & alum media. Ship to Israel.
Are you aware that candle style element fits Doulton filter housing only (1/4 in. BSP male thread). If you are looking for industry standard 10 inch filter housing we carry 9.75x2.75 cartridge style with same media.
Cost of each element is as follow plus shipping via air parcel post:
Candle style 44.50 USD
Shipping for 2 21.50C
artridge style 49.90 USD
Shipping for 2 26.50
Both style are in stock.

Feb 9, 2006

The Ultracarb looks very brown.

I have to clean the Ultracarb every week. Far too often. I have tried 1um pleated and other prefilters but does not help much. What can I do to increase the time between cleaning?
How much water are filtering per week and how dirty is your water.
For normal household using the filtered water for drinking and cooking typical cleaning frequency is 2-3 months. If you are typical user and still have to clean it once a week then there is something wrong somewhere.
What is on the surface of the filter when you need to clean it? Does it feel slippery/slimy? If so then you have excess amount of heterotrophic bacteria (harmless) in your water supply which 1 micron pre-filter will not stop them at all.

We use about 10 litres (approx 2.5 gal) per day. The water appears clear. A lab report says that all is OK (E.Coli, mineral content and hardness etc) EXCEPT that there is a large amount of total coliforms (580 MPN/100ml).

The ultracarb looks very brown. The plastic ends in particular feel a bit slimy so it could be heterotropic bacteria as you suggest.
I will have a good look at it when I next have it out.
Could the bacteria grow on the outside of the ceramic, or will the silver content stop this?
Maybe I should use chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the tank. Perhaps a 0.5um carbon block filter used as a prefilter may help a bit?
It is the bacteria that plug up the filter. No pre-filter can help you unless you use 0.5 micron absolute which you'll be back at square one, change out the absolute filter once a week and they are expensive. The silver in the ceramic controls the growth of bacteria from proliferating on its surface.

When you clean the candle make sure you scrub off until the candle become white. Remember that recommended change out is every 6-9 months or maximum 50 cleanings.

Feb 8, 2006

Deluxe version- Doulton undersink ceramic water filter

I was referred by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, author of "Real Health Breakthroughs", a newsletter that I am a subscriber to. I misplaced his letter that gave a price of $170 for the filter, but I'm not sure if that included the Candle or not...

The filter model that Dr. Douglas refer ($179) to is same as you ordered (IP100UC) except it's a standard dealer kit that includes inexpensive faucet and very basic installation hardware. Your model is a deluxe version that is sold through us and very few dealers that want to carry. On the following link you can see the difference in faucets only in addition, the deluxe model installation components are more comprehensive and professional plus carry a lifetime warranty.

The immediate improvement in taste and odor on well water especially with good taste is not as obvious at once as with chlorinated city water. Visual evidence is often seen on well waters after period of use in form of candle surface discoloration caused by trapped invisible particles in water. Most visual evidence is slippery, slimy build-up caused by heterotrophic (HPC) bacteria on the surface of the ceramic candle reducing the filter flow rate. This is often found in well waters as well many surface waters. The beauty is that the ceramic candle will trap these invisible particles on it's surface which can be removed by scrubbing off with plastic brush or scouring pad.
If you are pleased with Doulton filter and want to refer it to your patient/friend please have them mention your name as a referrer. The reason for this is that we want to thank you for each referral with modest $20.00 check.

Feb 1, 2006

Water Softeners-what is the difference between 3 systems & what size I need & what is the best

what is the difference between 3 systems & what size I need & what is the best

2- ACMS Series Cabinet Style Water Softeners
3-Deluxe Metered Demand Water Softener and Activated Carbon Filter for Hard, City Chlorinated Water ( is this one Salt-free compatible when using potassium).
02.26.2007 We do not sell mentioned salt based softeners. Please see our NEW NO SALT softeners

They are all metered demand regeneration softeners (the best). Cabinet style means the softener is inside the brine tank making it look as one piece and they all can use potassium for regeneration instead of salt.
The no. 3 is a softener and carbon filter combination.

Based on number household members and amount of bathrooms in your house we can recommend you the appropriate size for San Diego water hardness which is averaging 13-16 grains per gallon.

Jan 30, 2006

Doulton referred by doctors.

I was referred by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, author of "Real Health Breakthroughs", a newsletter that I am a subscriber to.
I am a Pediatrician and will certainly make referrals to my patients (many of whom are increasingly aware of the impact of environmental toxins on the everyday health of themselves & their children).

For information on drinking water of health importance visit the following web sites:
"Miracles of water" by Dr. Cayer:

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj articles on health benefits of drinking water:

Global Health Solutions' website
"It is chronic dehydration that causes the pains and degenerative diseases of the human body." Miracles in Ordinary Water! On WaterCure site you can order F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. books "Your Body's Many Cries for Water", "Water Cures: Drugs Kill" ,"Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life", "Water: Rx for A Healthier Pain-Free Life".

Doulton filters are featured in Ann Louise Gittleman’s books "Fat Flush Cookbook" and "Why Am I Always So Tired?" which is about copper zinc nutritional imbalance.

How effective your filters are for removing/ reducing VOC's?

Do you have any written documentation stating how effective your filters are for removing/ reducing VOC's?
Among water filtration industry it is generally known that coconut shell carbon is superior to bituminous or wood based carbon for VOC's reduction. To test a filter against a wide (1000's) spectrum of carbon based volatile organic compounds is costly prohibitive which the cost will reflect on the finished product. The next better carbon for VOC's reduction is catalytic carbon however it's available in GAC form only rather than extruded block. Our whole house automatic back wash filters can be purchased with catalytic carbon option. The written documentation is what you see on the filters cut sheet.

Counter top Nimrod filter for filtering local city water.

I have a counter top Nimrod filter for filtering local city water, which is probably clean and safe as is. I use it every day, but in 8 months I have only used 20% of the filter's capacity. That is, the Filter Life reading is 80. Can I continue to use the filter for its full life? Can I continue using it until the Filter Life reading is near 0, or is the length of timed used an important issue?
Use it till full capacity or approximately 1000 gallons. CPI100UC (Nimrod, ICP) Countertop Water Filter Installation and Conditioning Instructions>>

After I turn the water off, my Nimrod unit continues to drip water. Is this normal?
The ceramic candle needs cleaning, the drip is caused by back pressure build up in the filter. For cleaning instruction visit the following link:

Manual for Sulfur Filter System

We have a Iron and Sulfur Filter System but we don't have enough information on the upkeep. We have a manual with the last few pages missing and we have no information on the brine tank. Is there anything you can do for us? Is there a manual we could get? Could you tell us where to look, at least? Anything you could do for us would be greatly appreciated.
From your description it sounds to me that you have green sand filter which requires potassium permanganate to regenerate. The most common valves with those filters are either Fleck or Autotrol. The only upkeep to it is make sure you have pot-perm in the brine tank and set the time clock to regenerate every 3-4 days. Other than this I don't have more information.

Jan 15, 2006

Water filters for use on the cold water supply of a kitchen sink.

Would you recommend any of your under-counter filters for use on the cold water supply of a kitchen sink?

I assume you want to use your existing faucet, right? If so what quality of filtered water do you want? For premium quality drinking water you'll have to compromise the low flow rate (maximum 1.5 GPM). For general purpose filtering rust and sediments we have 1 and 5 microns sediment filters that will give you same flow rate as without filter.

Differences were between the Doulton IP100UC & the Regent I

I was wondering what the differences were between the Doulton IP100UC & the Regent I water filters?

IP100UC uses Doulton slimline candle with a flow rate up to 1/2 GPM whilst the Regent I uses Imperial Ultracarb cartridge with a flow rate better than 1 GPM.
Do you have a dealer or local area rep near Some City, (State)?
You can find the water chiller and residential Doulton under-sink filter model IP100UC in Home Expo Centers under brand name Mountain Pure however Regent I commercial capacity filter can only be purchased from us.

Does the diameter of the water filter housing affect the flow rate?

I was interested in a water filter with a good flow rate (1gpm?) I saw on your website the Imperial Ultracarb Filter Cartridge and that it fits lots of “standard” filter housings.

I realize the Imperial filter is 2.75’’ in diameter and with more surface area comes increased flow.

Does the diameter of the housing affect the flow rate?
The diameter of the housing does not affect the flow rate, it's the input port that does e.g. 1/4" inlet will slow down, 3/8" is recommended. Our Regent system will give you good flow as well positive cartridge seal which can be found on the very bottom of the following page:

Ceramic water filter with 10 to 20 GPM flow rate

I have visited your site and it is very informative.
I do sell ultra violet water purification systems and filtration has always been a problem.
I hope I have found the solution with one or more of the products you have available.
I was concerned about flow rates.The ultra violet units that I sell use at least 10 gallons per minute, and as much as 20 gallons per minute.
Does your company make filters that can move 10 to 20 GPM and would allow my products to operate more effectively with a minimun of maintenance.
I also liked the coconut shell concept. Allowing the water to have a pleasant taste is a great idea.
Any positive or negative information that could be provided would be greatly appeciated.
Our commercial and light industrial filters can give you that kind of flow rate. They can be used with Doulton ceramic cartridges or any standard 10", 20" and 30" cartridges. For more information visit the following link:

Residential system for refrigerator with indoor water and ice

Very interested in residential system for refrigerator with indoor water and ice, the IF100UC. Also would like pricing for extra JG-tee for package.

I am in process of reading the entire site as it relates to home water and undersink unit but please give me more information for the ceramic candle capacity, for example, if I purchase the Model IS100SC do I clean and replace or discard and replace after the 1000 gallons limit is reached?

The IF100UC is not available yet however if you purchase the IS100SC a fridge/ice maker kit is available in 25' and 35' length providing that you can bring the tubing to the back of fridge from the filter. The 3/8"x3/8"x1/4" push-fit tee is included in the kit and the cost is $3.60.
The ceramic candle need cleaning when the flow rate decreases. The recommended change out is typically 9-12 months base on four users using the filtered water for drinking and cooking as well rinsing vegetables.

Removing the chlorine and fluoride from the water in my house.

I am interested in removing the chlorine and fluoride from the water in my house. I bought a whole house filter to remove the chlorine and a reverse osmosis under the sink filter to further purify the water and remove the fluoride. However I cannot find a percentage for the chlorine removal and the manufacturer can not seem to tell me either. Because of the lack of information and the cheap price of the filter $50 (smartwater GXWH35F) I am assuming that it probably removes a very small percentage of the chlorine. I am also now questioning the reverse osmosis filter because I read some of the drawbacks on your website (breading bacteria etc).

I want more pure water. I am particularly concerned about fluoride and chlorine as well as other chemicals. I am not too concerned about microorganisms (I don't want to increase them though by giving them a breading ground in a filter). I have been considering a whole house unit and an under the sink unit so that my drinking water will be even cleaner than my bathing water. I am also concerned about price because it seams that some of the filters are quite expensive

I hope this information is not to vague, Can you advise me on which products might be helpful for my situation.

You are correct about little percentage of chlorine reduction by that filter as the cartridge contain granular activated carbon (GAC) and the water channel right through the carbon bed. I don't know why these "big box stores" sell them as a "whole house system" as their chlorine reduction is at best 25% with capacity of 3-4000 gallons.

We carry automatic and none automatic whole house carbon filters that will remove >99% chlorine whoever we do not recommend them for your purpose for reason that in absence of chlorine HPC bacteria (harmless) will colonize your plumbing system causing bad smell requiring frequent system flushing (every water outlet).

These filters are designed for reduction of VOC's such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents commonly found is some well waters.

Most practical and economical solution for your purpose is to install shower filter to remove chlorine

and point-of-use drinking water system either counter top or under sink type.

Our dual housing filters CP200UC+ or IP200UC+ can give you premium quality water for drinking and cooking purposes. These two models when chosen with fluoride/heavy metals element will beat any RO system in addition of removing microorganisms. You should be concerned about these as cysts such as Cryptosporidium are not killed by chlorine and are commonly found in treated surface waters.

Related questions:

Where I can buy sediment FXHSC filter for GE SmartWater whole house filter housing GXWH35F?
scroll down to "Pleated polyester sediment cartridges, washable/reusable many times"

Carbon type filter element to fit the Franke that can remove Arsenic

I have a Franke little butler system with a ceramic filter. I noticed on your site that you have ceramic filters for this unit.

I have had my water tested and the only red flag was Arsenic being slightly over the EPA limit. The limit is 0.01 mg/L and mine tested 0.015 mg/L.

My question to you is do you have a carbon type filter element to fit the Franke that can remove Arsenic?

If not can you recommend some under sink filter cartridge that I can replace the Franke unit with?
We carry ceramic with carbon block core inside the ceramic shell for Franke specifically however activated carbon does not remove arsenic.

Your option is to convert the FRX1 Franke filter into dual housing system using our under sink filters with arsenic reduction element. The add on conversion kit cost $149.00 including arsenic element and it's very easy to install it. Simply remove your filter (supply line) inlet tube, plug in our filter into your filter then just push in the supply tube into our filter.

Can the supercarb, ultracarb or the imperial ultracarb be cleaned so that it can used again ?

I noticed on this link it only shows the 1 cartridge that can be cleaned.

The flow rate of the ceramic filter can be easily renewed by simply brushing its outer surface with a stiff toothbrush, plastic brush or soft scouring pad under running water. As the top layer of ceramic and the contaminants are brushed off and flushed away, a new layer becomes available. With the Sterasyl candle/cartridge this process can be repeated over 50 times and or when the diameter of the slimline element reaches 1.75/44 in./mm. Supersterasyl, Ultracarb and Supercarb candles/cartridges should be changed every 6-9 months as their carbon media will get exhausted sooner than the ceramic.
For more information please visit the following link:
Imperial Ultracarb lead removal capacity is 2000 gallons.
I have a doulton filter fitted with "stearasyl" candle.

I tried to see some tests made on this candle on your web site but its only
available on "superstearasyl", "ultracarb" etc and not on "stearasyl".

Aside from removing bacteria...

Does this stearasyl candle also

1. Improve the taste?
2. Remove chemicals like, chlorine and chloramine?
Sterasyl candle is for microbial removal only. Organic chemicals are reduced with the carbon inside the Sterasyl such as Supersterasyl in gravity mode or Supercarb and Ultracarb in pressure filters.