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Apr 28, 2006

Can you recommend a system for filtering residential municipal water?

Okay. I'm sorry. You have so many filters, I get very confused. I'm hoping you can help me. I am looking for a stainless filtration system. I presently have a Cousen's (I think) under the counter system constructed of plastic. I recently read that the plastic could possibly leach and that the BEST filters are stainless. Would you agree??? Our family of five consumes mass quantities of water...far more than just a few gallons daily when considering the tea pot, cooking, etc. Can you recommend a system for filtering residential municipal water? Though I would love a "whole house" system, I am presently only able to purchase a "drinking" filter. I was looking at the stainless IS100UC and then the IP100UC and couldn't quite grasp the difference. And then of course, there's The Sovereign...which sounds like what I'd love but can't quite afford. Which would best set my mind at ease for filtering all the yuck that the city adds (chemicals etc.) plus everything that leaches in, as well as all the natural metals and bacterias??? Yikes. Again, reiterating: I want the best you have to offer. And could you compare any of them that you'd recommend with The Sovereign??? I hope you can help.
I disagree that best filter is of stainless steel construction. It is true that some plastic filters may leach out contaminants under right conditions (acidic water) but those are usually low quality filters (mostly imports) not being able to pass leach test. All of Doulton filters comply to be in contact with potable water source.
IS100UC and IP100UC contain the same Doulton Ultracarb ceramic filtration element.

Filter for surface untreated water e.g. lake/river water

We are in the process of building a lake house, and we suspect that we may have difficulties in drilling a well and may be forced to pull water from the lake.
Do your "whole house" filtration systems work for these purposes? Also, what impact does a 6gpm flow vs a 12gpm flow have on how the water gets used in the house - is there less pressure, or what? Do we need a holding tank to store the filtered water or does the filtration occur upon usage? At this time we do not expect that the house will be occupied full time.
Our "whole house" water filters are designed for well and or city treated water. For surface untreated water e.g. lake/river water our commercial/light industrial water filters fitted with Doulton ceramic cartridges are often used as in your case.
No need for holding tank as the filtration occur on demand. Choosing the flow rate depends on the amount people occupying the house and amount of bathrooms, generally for vacation home 6-8 GPM not filtering the irrigation system is sufficient. The pressure have nothing to due with the flow rate and typically the pressure leaving the ceramic filters is 50% less than the inlet pressure e.g. 60 PSI in 30 PSI out on clean ceramics, they are tight therefore we recommend 1 micron nominal pre-filter (inexpensive) to reduce the cleaning frequency.
On the following link you can view our systems:

Apr 27, 2006

Whole house filter for arsenic.

Could you please e-mail me more info on your ACBTC AF50 10 whole house filter for arsenic?

Assuming that a pre-filter for sediment is used, and an arsenic level in the water of 0.02 mg/liter, approximately how long, or how many gallons, would a cartridge last?

What is the cost of replacement cartridges?

Will this filter remove chlorine and/or ammonia that is added to a municipal water supply? (We are currently on well water, but may get county water next year. However, this would also be well water which might have low levels of arsenic and will also have chlorine and ammonia added to the water.)
The model you are referring to is whole house automatic back wash filter, arsenic removal media in it, no cartridges.
At that level of arsenic the media is good for at least 2 million gallons or about about 10 years use on typical household of 4. The replacement media cost $460 a cubic foot. All information can be found on the following link:
It does not remove chlorine/ammonia (chloramine), for that you may consider whole house carbon filter with coconut shell carbon in it.
Related items -point of use aresenic removal filers:

I am considering ordering one of your whole house arsenic water filters and have several questions:

If I install a whole house arsenic filter is there any advantage to installing one of your point of use filters for drinking water "downstream" of the whole house filter just to be sure that the actual drinking water has zero arsenic in it?

Is there any advantage to installing an inexpensive sediment filter "upstream" of the whole house arsenic filter to extend the filter life?

Is there a picture on your site of the ACBTC-AF50-12?
How much arsenic is in your water and if any how much fluoride and iron? No need for sediment filter as this will filter out particles down to 20 microns. The picture is at the bottom of the following link:
Our well water tests just above the detection level for arsenic (0.02 mg/l). Iron is at 0.021. Fluoride is ND.

I'm looking to get drinking and cooking water to arsenic to zero and showering water pretty close to zero. If I need to use a point of use arsenic filter downstream from the whole house filter to be sure of getting all of the arsenic out I'm willing to do that.

I was just asking about a sediment filter upstream of the whole house arsenic filter if that would prolong the filter life of the whole house unit.

What is the expected life of a whole house filter? What is the cost?

Does any of the aluminum from the filter element end up in the water? Does the filtering process add anything at all to the water?
As I mentioned in my previous answer they will filter out sediments down to 20 microns and all sediments will be flushed down the drain during regeneration cycle. If you wish to put sediment filter upstream it's up to you.
With the amount of arsenic in your water they will remove both As3 and As5 down to none detectable level for about 3.5 to 4 million gallons per cubic foot. 1 cu.ft. of media cost $680.00 plus freight.
They do not add anything to the water nor the media migrate out of the filter as it has retaining final polish filter that keeps the media in the filter. All the prices can found on the following link:

Apr 24, 2006

I want to filter the water for Maytag refrigerator ice maker.

Hey, could you recommend a filter system for me. I just purchased a standard Maytag refrigerator (typical 2-door w/freezer on top). I want to filter the water for its ice maker. There’s a water supply faucet right at the wall where the refrigerator backs into.

Could you recommend one of your systems; I’d go ahead and order it, because I’m not going to use the ice maker system until I get a filtration system installed.
You can use our "add on" filter supplied with Ultracarb element found on the following link:

The connection to the inlet and outlet are 3/8" push-fit type. Should you need to reduce it you can use 3/8" stem 1/4" tube reducer found on the following link for $2.76 ea.:
These fittings will work with copper tubing as long the end of the tubing is slightly sanded off however on the same page you can find 1/4" PE tubing sold by foot.
I have a whirlpool Model ED5FTGXKQ02 which has a built in ice/water dispenser in the freezer door. I currently have nylon reinforced tubing connected to the solenoid on the back of my refrigerator using a hose clamp and the other end is adapted to a standard garden hose type fitting which is connected to a y-joint I inserted in the cold water line which feeds my washing machine. I have done it in this fashion as I live in a military assigned house and currently do not have the option to do this 100% right. I am trying to locate fittings to make this a more secure connection so I can run proper tubing with a screw on fitting for the ice maker (I believe it is ¼”) on one end and a secure fitting which will connect to my y-gate on the other end (this would have to be a standard garden hose type connection. The total length of tubing I will require is approximately 10-15 feet. Looking through the fittings on your website I believe you might have what I am looking for but cannot really tell by looking at the pictures. Can you advise if you have what I need to make this work and provide necessary ordering information to purchase this material from your company? I hope I have properly explained my current and desired setup but f there are any questions please let me know and I will provide any amplifying information you need to assist me in my endeavors.

Your information is clear and you need the following items to do a professional job :
3/4" GH female to 1/4" push-fit connector, 1/4" push-fit faucet connector to screw onto the solenoid and 1/4" food grade tubing which all can be purchased on the following link:

When do we know its time to change filter?

How many days/months of use by a family of four under normal conditions will an frx02 filter last? When do we know its time to change it?
Rated capacity for lead reduction is 600 gallons. If you are using the filtered water for drinking and cooking purposes to maintain premium quality water change it every 6 months. If you are using the filtered water just for drinking then change it every 9 months.

Supercarb,Ultracarb: Cyst, Lead and Other Contaminants Reduction

Supercarb,Ultracarb: Cyst, Lead and Other Contaminants Reduction

We own 3 of your Doulton Counter Top Ultracarb Water Filters in plastic and I noticed as I searched the web for cartideg replacements that there is the usual Ultracarb which I've been using and the Megacarb replacement filter cartridge.

Will the Megacarb 10" fit and is it usable in my countertop water filters? Is this better than the Ultracarb replacement cartridges as my well water has fecal coloform bacteria from an old septic system that is no longer used but still affects our water. The 4th main faucet we have and use is the only one without a Doulton water filter on it. We've used a SunPure UV + filtering water purifier on that one but have found they are no longer being manufactured so I will have to find a replacement.

Will the Doulton with a Megacarb work as well as the SunPure Water Purifier for the bacteria removal for my family's safety even though it doesn't have a UV?
Megacarb ceramic candle (part N° W9130113) is interchangeable with Ultracarb (part N° W9123053) however is tighter than Ultracarb. All of the Doulton ceramic candles are far more effective on removing bacteria than any UV on the market negating the needs for UV. With Megacarb candle we can guarantee greater than 99.9999% fecal coliform reduction.

I want to purchase a filter that will take out ALL the horrors now found in the water

I have been using an excellent-quality bottled water for 30 years and now want to eliminate the bottled water and purchase a water filter. I have been researching water filters and am interested in possibly buying a Doulton.

In researching the public water where I live, I reviewed their 2005 annual drinking water quality report. The following may be found
in this water:

- arsenic
- pesticides and herbicides from chemicals used on laws by residents
- nitrates from fertilizer
- VOCs (Volatile Organic Contaminants)
- chlorine added by the water company to kill bacteria
- Polyphosphates added by the water company to take out iron
- Hydrated lime and soda ash added by the water company

I am interested in knowing if the Doulton Water Filter can take out any and all of the above substances.

What I particularly want is to purchase a filter that will take out ALL the horrors now found in the water (or as many of them as
possible while leaving in tact all the minerals naturally found in hard water.

In other words, I do NOT want to drink soft water. I DO want to drink hard water WITHOUT the garbage.

The polyphosphates and lime and soda ash are harmless natural minerals that are used in water treatment industry.
The polyphosphates coat the calcium and magnesium ions preventing them from adhering to plumbing fixtures and water using appliances reducing the scale build up. This does not mean that the minerals are removed. they can only be removed by ion exchange treatment such as softener.
Lime and soda ash is used to lower the alkalinity in the water making it to taste less bitter.

Our triple housing filters can address the rest of the contaminants that may be in your water by using selected elements. If your nitrates are less than 10 mg/L then dual housing filter with arsenic and Ultracarb candle will be more than adequate.

I would like a counter top filter that filters MTBE and Fluoride

I would like a counter top filter that filters MTBE, and Fluoride. The local water people add fluoride and I don't want it in my food and water.

I don't have an MTBE problem here, but; I will be using an RV and traveling all over the country, so I want to be prepared. If a filter can stop these two things they will probably stop everything else too.

I don't need many gallons per day at this time. Is the Berkefeld capable of doing what I need? Originally I wanted a distiller. I want the purest water possible without spending seven hundred dollars for a distiller that uses electricity.

If you have any suggestions please let me know. I am open to anything.

In gravity mode British Berkefeld Supersterasyl candles will remove MTBE, VOC's such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals as well >99.99% e.coli bacteria and 100% cysts such as Cripto and Giardia. As for fluoride we do have specific elements for the gravity filters. They are 4" elements that screws onto the candles nozzle on the under side of the upper chambre.
The 2 candle system will produce about 10 gallons per day and source water can be anything other than raw sewage and sea water.

We have owned and appreciated our Doulton HCP Countertop water filter since 1996, having replaced the cartridges as necessary.
I have been reading the FAQs on your website, looking for any information regarding fluoride , since it has been added to our city drinking water this past week. Does the Doulton filtering system remove fluoride from the drinking water, and if not, is there any filter that does?

The Ultracarb candle may remove some fluoride as it does remove heavy metals however we do carry fluoride specific element which a second housing can be added to your existing HCP. The add on conversion can be found on the following link: