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Apr 24, 2006

I want to filter the water for Maytag refrigerator ice maker.

Hey, could you recommend a filter system for me. I just purchased a standard Maytag refrigerator (typical 2-door w/freezer on top). I want to filter the water for its ice maker. There’s a water supply faucet right at the wall where the refrigerator backs into.

Could you recommend one of your systems; I’d go ahead and order it, because I’m not going to use the ice maker system until I get a filtration system installed.
You can use our "add on" filter supplied with Ultracarb element found on the following link:

The connection to the inlet and outlet are 3/8" push-fit type. Should you need to reduce it you can use 3/8" stem 1/4" tube reducer found on the following link for $2.76 ea.:
These fittings will work with copper tubing as long the end of the tubing is slightly sanded off however on the same page you can find 1/4" PE tubing sold by foot.
I have a whirlpool Model ED5FTGXKQ02 which has a built in ice/water dispenser in the freezer door. I currently have nylon reinforced tubing connected to the solenoid on the back of my refrigerator using a hose clamp and the other end is adapted to a standard garden hose type fitting which is connected to a y-joint I inserted in the cold water line which feeds my washing machine. I have done it in this fashion as I live in a military assigned house and currently do not have the option to do this 100% right. I am trying to locate fittings to make this a more secure connection so I can run proper tubing with a screw on fitting for the ice maker (I believe it is ¼”) on one end and a secure fitting which will connect to my y-gate on the other end (this would have to be a standard garden hose type connection. The total length of tubing I will require is approximately 10-15 feet. Looking through the fittings on your website I believe you might have what I am looking for but cannot really tell by looking at the pictures. Can you advise if you have what I need to make this work and provide necessary ordering information to purchase this material from your company? I hope I have properly explained my current and desired setup but f there are any questions please let me know and I will provide any amplifying information you need to assist me in my endeavors.

Your information is clear and you need the following items to do a professional job :
3/4" GH female to 1/4" push-fit connector, 1/4" push-fit faucet connector to screw onto the solenoid and 1/4" food grade tubing which all can be purchased on the following link:

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