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Oct 22, 2006

Mountain-Pure water filter system MT660 installation instructions

I recently purchased a Mountain-Pure water filter system model number MT660. Someone must of opened the box as there were no instructions inside. Can you please fax or email me the appropriate installation and filter care instructions?
Mountain-Pure water filter system MT660 is very similar to model number  Doulton Ultracarb filter IP100UC.
Under-sink water filter installation instructions in pdf format.
Ceramic filter cleaning instructions.

Should you be missing the filter installation components they can all be found in water filter  accessories department.

Should you need assistance with selecting the right components or with installation feel fee to call us at 1-888-664-3336 (toll free).

IP100SC undersink water filter system replacements

Last year I purchased a IP100SC undersink water filter system and had it installed by a plumber. I now want to replace the cartidge. I purchased an Ultracarb ceramic water filter candle as a replacement but not certain that I bought the correct candle for this system.
Can you help?
Last two letters in the model name stand for:
SC- Supercarb, UC- Ultracarb, MC- Megacarb. All elements are interchangeable.
They differ in capacity and contaminants removal- please refer to Comparison table for the pressure filters candles.

Help me to decide which type/style water filter I may need

I am interested in purchasing a water filter, but there are so many on the
market, I am confused. Can you help me decide which type/style I may need
I would like to have it for the kitchen and on my refrigerator, is this
possible and what would the cost be, who would have to install it, how often

Would the filter need to be changed? Thank you for your time and help
Are you on city water or well water?
From under-sink water filter Model IP100UC (Ultracarb) $249.00 USD filtered water can be brought to your fridge from the sink base cabinet using 25 or 35 ft Kit for ice maker or refrigerator ($19.95 or $21.55).
Yes the replacement Ultracarb cartridge ($59) have to be changed. The change frequency is every 6 months based on typical household of 4 using the filtered water for drinking and cooking.
Installation is DIY or hire a handy person that knows how to use players and screwdriver.

Mountain Pure MT660® replacement cartridge MT661-RFC

I have a Mountain Pure MT660® and need a replacement cartridge. Please tell me which is the correct model to order.
Replacement cartridge is called MT661-RFC found on the following link:
It is also fits model MT662.
You can place on order over the phone at: 1-888-664-3336.

Filter for just the cold water tap at the kitchen sink

I have a concrete lined shallow well at my mountain cabin that yields very soft water which is clear and tastes OK, but slowly stains toilet tanks to a dark brown color. I am advised that the brown is due to the action of bacteria that live off the iron in the granitic soil in my location. While the brown stain is no problem, recent tests show that the water also flunks current total coliform tests, but is negative for fecal coliform.

I'm considering a filter for just the cold water tap at the kitchen sink, which would be installed in a 1/2" PVC vertical pipe. My concern is that the filter automatically drain when the rest of the house plumbing is drained, as it often is, since the cabin is left unheated in freezing weather.

Do you make a filter than can be mounted so that the cartridge is horizontal, and will drain when the whole house is drained, without special intervention?
The brown stains usually indicates that your water may have tannins which are very common with shallow wells. Total coliform is also common as coliform exist everywhere.

We carry 3 piece commercial filter w/3/4" ports you reduce it to 1/2" which can be installed in any position. When all drained out simply unscrew the sump, remove the ceramic cartridge and make sure you air drye for at least 24 hrs. before store it away.

To see the filter picture/specs is similar to one of the following link:
Should you have further questions please contact us.

Whole house carbon filter will remove the TCE

In my hometown we have 2 water problems. Nitrates from fertilizer and also isolated pockets of TCE from an industrial spill.

Does your filter remove nitrates?
Does it remove TCE?

If TCE is in the water supply a whole house carbon filter will remove the TCE, it will minimize ingestion and inhalation exposures. As for the nitrates removal we recommend point-of-use counter-top or under-sink filter just for the drinking and cooking water which all of these filters are available.
Do you know how much Trichloroethene and nitrates in your water. The TCE is a nasty VOC and you should not have it in your water.