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Jun 5, 2006

Looking to replace bottled water service with inline water filtration system.

We are a business of about 50 employees looking to replace bottled water service with inline water filtration system.
In looking at your website it looks like what I had in mind is something like:

Under the sink Chiller® with Doulton filtered water: The Chiller water system UC-2 has 7 gals./28 L per day chilling capacity.
Knowing nothing about this subject, I am wondering if our goal of chilled, filtered water would be met by this system or if you have any other recommendations, suggestions?? Our employee break room has a fairly standard kitchen sink, plumbing etc. and we have minimal counter space so under the counter is an attractive option.
Your best item for your purpose will be a system that we offer on our "Specials" page which consist of Regent I high capacity commercial filter, UC-2 chiller, dual temperature (chilled and ambient) faucet and complete installation kit for $799.00. The filter Imperial Ultracarb cartridge capacity is 2000 gallons to maintain premium quality drinking water (better than any bottled water). That is about 400 five gallons bottles and the replacement cartridge cost $115.10.
This package can be found on the following link:

Many employers also offer combination, instant hot and chilled filtered water which are installed in under-sink cabinet. These can be found on the following link:
You had previously advised that the Regent I was probably our best bet. I was hoping there was someone out here that knew your product and could handle the verification of fit, installation, etc.
I could order this but do not want to be the install guy. Suggestions?
Installation is very simple and is designed to be installed by average homeowner knowing how to use players and screwdriver. Everything is included for complete install including instructions. All connections are push-fit
Furthermore we'll be glad to help over the phone if the installer need any help.

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