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May 14, 2006

Will the sodium from a water softner clog Doulton water filter?

Will the sodium from a water softner clog the filter?
Thank you for your interest in Doulton water purifiers. The answer to your question is no and yes. The no part is that the Doulton ceramic candles does not remove dissolved beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and, in your case sodium. The yes part is that no well nor city water is as pure as not to clog Doulton submicron candle however the beauty is that the candle is easily cleanable with simple scouring pad many times over. Frequency of cleaning depend on the amount of the impurity of the incoming water and the amount of use, normally 3-6 months for typical household use.
You have to remember that if a filter do not clog then either your incoming water is "super clean" or the filter is not doing it's job by letting most of the impurity pass by.

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