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Feb 22, 2006

Gravity-based water filtration system manufactured in India by Pradeep.

I am an American living in Uganda where I need to filter all my drinking
water. I recently bought a gravity-based water filtration system locally.
It is manufactured in India by Pradeep. Unfortunately, there was no
instruction manual that came with it.

It has two chambers, and the upper chamber has two candles in it. The
surface of the candles is granular and white. When I poured my first batch
of water into the upper chamber, the water that finally came through in the
bottom chamber had a funny smell and taste to it -- similar to the smell of
the candles.

Can you please advise me on the proper use of this system? Unfortunately, I
do not think that Doulton candles are available in Uganda. So, what are my
other alternatives?
The smell and taste is contaminants (antimony, arsenic etc.) leaching out of the ceramic candles. The Indian candles are not certified to be used as potable water filters.
On the following link you can find the Middle East dealer who may be able to sell you Doulton candles or also the European agent who's in charge of African sales. Make sure to ask for two 7 inch SuperSterasyl candles for gravity filters which will work with the Indian filter. Instructions are included with each candle as well rubber gasket and wing nut. If they can't help you please contact us, we do ship worldwide.

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