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May 14, 2006

I am inquiring about model SB (Sports Bottle).

I am inquiring about model SB (Sports Bottle). I have seen your SB item advertised elsewhere on the Internet and was interested in purchasing it.
So in researching the product on your website, I was confused by the description. What do you mean about this model NOT being a "Doulton Product"?
What we mean by NOT being a "Doulton product" is that our filters are based upon physical proprieties of pure diatomation earth (ceramics) which is, submicron filtration in absolute range whilst the sport bottle rely on carbon and ion exchange media to adsorb (like a magnet) certain contaminants from water. Sports bottles are manufactured in the USA. Doulton ceramics - in UK.

Will the sodium from a water softner clog Doulton water filter?

Will the sodium from a water softner clog the filter?
Thank you for your interest in Doulton water purifiers. The answer to your question is no and yes. The no part is that the Doulton ceramic candles does not remove dissolved beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and, in your case sodium. The yes part is that no well nor city water is as pure as not to clog Doulton submicron candle however the beauty is that the candle is easily cleanable with simple scouring pad many times over. Frequency of cleaning depend on the amount of the impurity of the incoming water and the amount of use, normally 3-6 months for typical household use.
You have to remember that if a filter do not clog then either your incoming water is "super clean" or the filter is not doing it's job by letting most of the impurity pass by.

May 5, 2006

Hooking up water filter to the fridge/ice maker

I just ordered the IP100SC supercarb undersink model of water purifier. We had our water tested and it appears that metals are okay. My only concern is possibly beasties that inhabit the groundwater and such.(we are on a well) the Doulton should take care of that.
question#1: my fridge is on the opposite corner of the kitchen and we have a tile floor. How can we order the icemaker filter kit and it work that far away. What is the usual method of hooking it up.
question#2: if i decide I want a different finish on my faucet, will it be possible to exchange it and pay the 19.95??
1. The fridge/ice maker kit consist of a reducing push-fit tee which is connected between the filter outlet and the drinking water faucet. The tubing is inserted into the tee and usually is brought to the back of the fridge via basement/crawl space and normally will require insulation in unconditioned crawl spaces in freezing regions. If our standard ice maker kits are not long enough we can give you any length of tubing you may need.
2. Yes! For any other different faucet finish you only pay $19.95.
I have a whirlpool Model ED5FTGXKQ02 which has a built in ice/water dispenser in the freezer door. I currently have nylon reinforced tubing connected to the solenoid on the back of my refrigerator using a hose clamp and the other end is adapted to a standard garden hose type fitting which is connected to a y-joint I inserted in the cold water line which feeds my washing machine. I have done it in this fashion as I live in a military assigned house and currently do not have the option to do this 100% right. I am trying to locate fittings to make this a more secure connection so I can run proper tubing with a screw on fitting for the ice maker (I believe it is ¼”) on one end and a secure fitting which will connect to my y-gate on the other end (this would have to be a standard garden hose type connection. The total length of tubing I will require is approximately 10-15 feet. Looking through the fittings on your website I believe you might have what I am looking for but cannot really tell by looking at the pictures. Can you advise if you have what I need to make this work and provide necessary ordering information to purchase this material from your company? I hope I have properly explained my current and desired setup but f there are any questions please let me know and I will provide any amplifying information you need to assist me in my endeavors.
Your information is clear and you need the following items to do a professional job :
3/4" GH female to 1/4" push-fit connector, 1/4" push-fit faucet connector to screw onto the solenoid and 1/4" food grade tubing which all can be purchased on the following link:

May 1, 2006

How often Ultracarb filter needs to be changed?

I am wondering how often Ultracarb ceramic filter needs to be changed. It says it can be cleaned, but on the box I have, it says its capacity is 600 gallons. Does that mean it needs to be changed after 600 gallons or that it needs to be cleaned after 600 gallons? How many cleanings can you do?
The lead reduction capacity is 600 gallons, cleaning frequency depends on flow reduction. Our recommendation is to maintain optimum quality drinking and cooking water change it every 6-9 months based on household of 4 users.

I ordered a new Supercarb candle part N° W9122021 yesterday, because it seemed about time to replace it.
My question is, how does one know when the candle is used up?
Based on household of 4 person using the filtered water for drinking and cooking change the candle every 9-12 months to maintain optimum quality water.