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Aug 8, 2006

Water is high in iron and has the lovely rotten egg smell

I have a problem and am asking around for help. I live in the ..., Washington area and our water here is gross. It is high in iron and has the lovely rotten egg smell. This stuff stains everything a lovely orange color and I think one would smell better if they DIDN'T take a shower. Here is the specs of my pad:

four bedroom shack
well that is about 168 feet deep and flows about 12-15 gallons a minute of "stink"
1.25" poly line feed the pad with 42 PSI
no sprinkler systems for fire suppression

Any help and pricing you can offer up is greatly appreciated.

I commend you for such a colorful description of your water and yet retain good sense of humor.
Air injections automatic back-wash systems with up 20 ppm. iron, up to 7 ppm sulfide and 4 ppm manganese removal. Working pH 7-9
Automatic back-wash sulfide/manganese removal system up to 30 ppm. Working pH 6.5-9
Automatic back-wash iron removal system up to 40 ppm. Working pH 6.5-9
Best is to know how many ppm of each you have in your water and based on that we can recommend appropriate system

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