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Jan 15, 2006

Ceramic water filter with 10 to 20 GPM flow rate

I have visited your site and it is very informative.
I do sell ultra violet water purification systems and filtration has always been a problem.
I hope I have found the solution with one or more of the products you have available.
I was concerned about flow rates.The ultra violet units that I sell use at least 10 gallons per minute, and as much as 20 gallons per minute.
Does your company make filters that can move 10 to 20 GPM and would allow my products to operate more effectively with a minimun of maintenance.
I also liked the coconut shell concept. Allowing the water to have a pleasant taste is a great idea.
Any positive or negative information that could be provided would be greatly appeciated.
Our commercial and light industrial filters can give you that kind of flow rate. They can be used with Doulton ceramic cartridges or any standard 10", 20" and 30" cartridges. For more information visit the following link:

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