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Feb 8, 2006

Deluxe version- Doulton undersink ceramic water filter

I was referred by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, author of "Real Health Breakthroughs", a newsletter that I am a subscriber to. I misplaced his letter that gave a price of $170 for the filter, but I'm not sure if that included the Candle or not...

The filter model that Dr. Douglas refer ($179) to is same as you ordered (IP100UC) except it's a standard dealer kit that includes inexpensive faucet and very basic installation hardware. Your model is a deluxe version that is sold through us and very few dealers that want to carry. On the following link you can see the difference in faucets only in addition, the deluxe model installation components are more comprehensive and professional plus carry a lifetime warranty.

The immediate improvement in taste and odor on well water especially with good taste is not as obvious at once as with chlorinated city water. Visual evidence is often seen on well waters after period of use in form of candle surface discoloration caused by trapped invisible particles in water. Most visual evidence is slippery, slimy build-up caused by heterotrophic (HPC) bacteria on the surface of the ceramic candle reducing the filter flow rate. This is often found in well waters as well many surface waters. The beauty is that the ceramic candle will trap these invisible particles on it's surface which can be removed by scrubbing off with plastic brush or scouring pad.
If you are pleased with Doulton filter and want to refer it to your patient/friend please have them mention your name as a referrer. The reason for this is that we want to thank you for each referral with modest $20.00 check.

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