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Oct 22, 2006

Help me to decide which type/style water filter I may need

I am interested in purchasing a water filter, but there are so many on the
market, I am confused. Can you help me decide which type/style I may need
I would like to have it for the kitchen and on my refrigerator, is this
possible and what would the cost be, who would have to install it, how often

Would the filter need to be changed? Thank you for your time and help
Are you on city water or well water?
From under-sink water filter Model IP100UC (Ultracarb) $249.00 USD filtered water can be brought to your fridge from the sink base cabinet using 25 or 35 ft Kit for ice maker or refrigerator ($19.95 or $21.55).
Yes the replacement Ultracarb cartridge ($59) have to be changed. The change frequency is every 6 months based on typical household of 4 using the filtered water for drinking and cooking.
Installation is DIY or hire a handy person that knows how to use players and screwdriver.

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