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Apr 24, 2006

I would like a counter top filter that filters MTBE and Fluoride

I would like a counter top filter that filters MTBE, and Fluoride. The local water people add fluoride and I don't want it in my food and water.

I don't have an MTBE problem here, but; I will be using an RV and traveling all over the country, so I want to be prepared. If a filter can stop these two things they will probably stop everything else too.

I don't need many gallons per day at this time. Is the Berkefeld capable of doing what I need? Originally I wanted a distiller. I want the purest water possible without spending seven hundred dollars for a distiller that uses electricity.

If you have any suggestions please let me know. I am open to anything.

In gravity mode British Berkefeld Supersterasyl candles will remove MTBE, VOC's such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals as well >99.99% e.coli bacteria and 100% cysts such as Cripto and Giardia. As for fluoride we do have specific elements for the gravity filters. They are 4" elements that screws onto the candles nozzle on the under side of the upper chambre.
The 2 candle system will produce about 10 gallons per day and source water can be anything other than raw sewage and sea water.

We have owned and appreciated our Doulton HCP Countertop water filter since 1996, having replaced the cartridges as necessary.
I have been reading the FAQs on your website, looking for any information regarding fluoride , since it has been added to our city drinking water this past week. Does the Doulton filtering system remove fluoride from the drinking water, and if not, is there any filter that does?

The Ultracarb candle may remove some fluoride as it does remove heavy metals however we do carry fluoride specific element which a second housing can be added to your existing HCP. The add on conversion can be found on the following link:

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