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Jul 16, 2013

Filter out lead, heavy-metals, and all the other dangerous toxins

I was hoping to get some of your filters for my home. I don't know which type I need or how it would be installed. There was a story written recently by one of my colleagues here at the Chicago Tribune about troubling lead levels and chromium in the water prompting many people to try and improve their water quality. I was hoping to find a filter that could be made available, not only to myself, but to the many other concerned people who read the article.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
 We are a dealer  for Doulton and various other brand filters,   I understand your in need for a good, quality, reliable filter system that filters out lead, heavy-metals, and all the other dangerous toxins in our water today. A recommendation to consider would be our dual housing, undersink Doulton system which will take out those metals, chemicals, and micro-organisms from the water.

Water Filter systems for mission use in Africa

I came across your website online and am very impressed with your water purification products. I am a registered nurse working for a non-profit missions agency in West Africa and have been doing a lot of research on water filters for our members to use. The water here is not potable and cholera is a constant problem in many parts of the country. People here are using the Katadyn "bucket" system, Pentapure systems, and trying out the Sawyer filters. We have found pro's and con's with each system and I am constantly on the lookout for a product that will provide better water quality and that is easy to use.  A couple questions I had for your company are as follows: 
1. Some people report "arthritis-type" of symptoms and pain after longer term use of the Katadyn (often ceradyn candle) system. Have you found complaints like this with your system. I realize that a company does not want to advertise any side-effects or adverse events of heir product, but the reality is that we have to drink filtered water here every day and this last many years for some people if they live here. I think it is important to be aware of some of the long-term effects of use.
2. Does your company offer a purchase price for non-profit organizations, especially if the systems and replacement candles are bought in bulk?
 Thank you for your time and many years of making a quality product.
Doulton has been a leader in Emergency filter systems since 1828 and there has never been side-effects associated with using these filters. It will efficiently filter out cholera and other pathogens to the highest degree and provide safe drinking water for your members in Africa. They are supplied to Relief Organizations across the globe, ie, the Red Cross and Unicef, as well as, militaries in operation.  We would be happy to provide a 30% discount off these systems if purchased in bulk quantities.  International shipping, if that's the initial shipping destination, can become quite expensive but we would be happy to provide a quotation or refer to you the appropriate department.
 Please let us know which filters you are interested in along with the quantities you see and we can provide a Quotation for you to consider. Please, also, inform us as to where they will be shipping to.
Thank you for your prompt reply! I appreciate your feedback and information. I am very interested in your system and I talked to our directors here and they would like to look at all the options before ordering.
 I am wondering if I could order one system for myself to try and use as a "test model" over here? Would the 30% discount still apply, or is that only for bulk orders? 
We do have a shipping and receiving center NC that we use and they ship things over here in a container. That way the shipping costs are much more affordable. :)

 What gravity filter would you like to test-pilot. The beauty of the Doulton system is that is has been produced for over 180 years and is quite established as far as its' performance is concerned, in Europe more so than U.S. That being said, I understand your need for testing before purchasing in a bulk quantity. We would be happy to provide a 15% discount off a single unit for you to try in your application. Please let us know which filter you are most interested in GSS2 or LP5
and we would be happy to send you a formal quotation.

I want to use non-plastic, compression fittings with under sink water filter

Do you make a residential or commercial drinking water filtration system which has compression fittings or threaded screw connections. I do not want to use plastic tubes and push type connections. I want to use copper tubing.
 We offer a stainless steel water filter system as an inline filter, 3/4" female NPT connections, 1.3 gallons per minute. You may connect to it by using copper tubing and compression fittings. It does not include faucet or installation kit. Please see IFS10-UC

Local source for Doulton filters?

is there a source in the los angeles area for doulton filters? i have at present an everpure undersink system, but am interesting in changing to doulton.
 We do not know of any dealers in the L.A. area but we ship direct all over the U.S. and Internationally. Please view to shop or gather information and let us know if you have any further questions

How to Change Filter

I bought a house that has the water filter. I have extra filters but don't know how to change it. Where can I find instructions on your website? I have the Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Candle - 2" X 9 3/4" Open end ceramic filter.
 The Open End filters fit any Standard Filter Housing and we do not have instructions for those units. However, just make sure you shut-off the water to the filter, have a bucket under the filter because it will be full of water, and unscrew the filter housing.
Then, you can remove the cartridge and insert the new one (with the open end facing up). Turn the water back on and inspect for leaks.
Flush water (run to waste) through the system for 10 minutes and then let it sit for 12-14 hrs. Flush an additional 5 gallons the following day and then the filters are fully primed and ready for use.

Jul 15, 2013

Need proper thread nuts for gravity candles

I have a set of 4 Doulton gravity fed water filter candles (10 inch) with 1/4" threads and I need the nuts to go with them. I cannot find any that fit the threads. Can you help me?
 The candles we just sent you have the 1/4" thread and we have the nuts available for those filters. You can find them (ACC-GW) .on Accessories page.

Portable fluoride filters?

Does GSS-Mini-A Personal Emergency Gravity (drip) Water Filter take out fluoride. If not can I add another portable filter to it? What other filters do you recommend for traveling to south east Asia and S America?
 The GSS-Mini filters do not have fluoride removal capability.
Do they add fluoride to the water in SE Asia and S America?
Our larger portable filters can be taken to those locations and you can add the 2"x4" Specialty fluoride filters to the GSS2 systems (all located on the following link, including "add-on" fluoride filters)

UV light with ceramic filter

I have been purchasing for years now your Imperial Supersterasyl filters. We have purchased a couple of your stainless steel british berkefeld over the years as well.
 We have lived in remote Indonesia and now travel back there each year. We typically purchase many of your candles. 
I am interested in becoming a distributor but also curious if you have any uv lights for removing virus before and or after the drip systems?
 We are not offering Distributorships but we do provide significant discounts (25-34% off List Price) for bulk purchases.
Doulton does not sell UV lights but it is always good to use a ceramic filter prior to the UV application. UVs do not work efficiently on turbid water or water which doesn't provide enough contact time with the light.

Jul 3, 2013

Wing nut and gasket replacement for gravity filters

Is there a part number and price for replacement wing nut and gasket for the 7" or 10" candle filter?
 It's the ACC-GG Gravity Candle Gasket and ACC-GW Gravity Candle Wing-nut. Both of the items are found on the following accessories page :

Home filters that remove fluoride as well as chlorine

I found your listing in some "Green" Magazine and would like to learn more about your website offering.  Do you have any home filters that remove fluoride as well as chlorine from the water?
 Yes, the Regent II filter located on the following link will remove the chlorine, chemicals, heavy-metals, fluoride, micro-organisms, suspended solids and more:

Gravity filter spigot

I bought from you a Gravity Water Filter GSS2 . Now I need to replace the spigot (ACC GSP Gravity filter spigot with 2 washers) and I need to know if you can send it to Portugal; if so, what are the procedures?
This part can be found and purchased from the following link with the understanding that you will incur an additional international shipping cost of about $ 22.00 for International rates to Portugal.

HCP-UC replacement element

I have HCP-UC filter. I am interested in replacement  element Doulton ULTRACARB. Please could you let me know if you have and the Price plus SH.
CN-UC Ultracarb candle is the correct replacement for the HCP-UC and can be found and purchased on the following link for $59.00 plus flat SH&H $5.99. Free shipping provided for customers who purchased system from

Puro Water Filter replacements

I am the proud owner of a ceramic (leadless glaze)  "Purro Water Filter" by Royal Doulton, England. It belonged to my Mother who would be 104 if she were alive and I brought it with me from Africa when we moved to Portugal.
 Is it possible that cartridges (candles) are still manufactured for my filter? It is 47cm high and carries two candles, one of which  is marked "Doulton-super Sterasyl" and has what I call a bakerlite fitting and is 22cm long from top to bottom (including fitting). The other candle is longer and has a metal fitting marked Katadyn A G Wallisellen Zurich.
 I would be interested in ordering two new candles and would be grateful if you could let me know details.
The filter you would need for the Puro Water Filter would be two of the CN-SS 10" Super Sterasyl (L) located on the following link for $ 38.65 ea.:

 Hello- thank you for your prompt reply. With regard to the CN-SS 10" Super Sterasyl(L) filter you indicate, I see that it is recommended that 3 ilters are put into use and my filter only takes 2. Is is this a problem?  Also, what is the difference between the abovementioned filter and your Sterasyl CN-S 2"x10" Katadyn Ceradyn drip filter that sells for $68.50? Does the latter give better performance? i.e. why is it more nearly double the price?
The CN-SS 10" SuperSterasyl ceramic candle only requires 3 filters if you're using it in a Katadyn drip filter (which you are not). You can use just 2 if need be and it will work the same. The CN-S, as opposed to the CN-SS 2x10 does not contain any activated carbon for chlorine or chemical removal but the ceramic shell on both candles are identical as well as ability to filter out particles and sub-micron contaminants, ie. bacteria. The reason the CN-S is more pricey even without more ability is because it does not require replacement every 6 months or 1 yr. It is simply cleanable and reusable for several years.

 Hello there- sorry to keep coming back but I need to be sure! You tell me that the reason why your CN-S is more pricey is because it does not require frequent replacement (which for me is very attractive) but then you give me to understand that it "does not contain activated carbon for chlorine or chemical removal" which is surely a disadvantage? 
Perhaps I should let you know that I use my filter to ensure pure drinking water for my very small household and  that I live in a rural area completely free of any industrial activity and that the water I get from my tap comes from an underground spring. But I would like to be sure that my filter acts against such things as herbicides,pesticides and other nasties, and  know that "they" are about to start employing chlorine in our water installations.
Then you need a filter which contains carbon inside of it, like the SuperSterasyl.

Flouride/heavy metal Reduction Element CN-B2

I am wondering what the fluoride reduction capacity of the Fluoride/heavy metal reduction element is?
The capacity of the CN-B2 candle is 400-600 gallons (6 months for 4  person household).

Filters for chlorine and fluoride

I am inquiring about your Dual Countertop water filters. I have been researching filters for quite some time and have been looking for something that filters chlorine and fluoride among other hings. I currently have city water but have been buying jugs of water due to the taste. I've looked at Nikken, I've looked at the Berkey, and many other filters. While reading the multitude of reviews your company was recommended as one of the leading in water filters. I'm skeptical about the Berkey and quite frankly don't have the space, a countertop filter would better suit my needs I think. I'm just wondering about the warranty. It says for registered customers it's covered for 3 years. Does that mean that as long as I register the product, then it is covered? Do I have to purchase it through you to be a registered customer?
 To become a registered customer and to receive the three year warranty provided by us, you must purchase the unit directly from At that point, you will have become a registered customer. No need to do anything else.

Jul 2, 2013

5in. Imperial SuperSterasyl candles with ATC.

We purchased one of your Aquacrock water chillers some years back. We noticed that our last shipment of replacement candles are about half an inch Shorter than the prior versions of your 6" Imperial SuperSterasyl candles. Is there any reason for this, and will this necessarily affect the performance or durability of their filtering if they're now Shorter than the prior versions?
 The ceramic filters for the AquaCrock used to be 6 in. This was the case up until about 2007 when the manufacturer designed it as a 5 in. replacement candle element which has Lead Reduction capability. Each of these ceramics have a 500 gallon capacity (1,500 gallons when using three).

Imperial SuperSterasyl Ceramic Canldle

Can you  tell me the advantages to purchasing the Imperial SuperSterasyl Ceramic Canldle rather than the SuperSterasyl Canldle?
 The Imperial filters give you higher flow/drip rates and larger operating capacities than the standard size filters. Please review the links and specs. of the two differing units: 2"X7" SuperSterasyl Canldle
and IMPERIAL Supersterasyl

Ceramic Water Filters for hiking and camping

I was looking at the Ceramic Water Filter Candles for portable systems. The question(s) came up:

 How many gallons will the filter provide before it goes bad for the 7" Supersterasyl and 10"?
 Since there is the 7" and the 10" Supersterasyl candle filter, will this change many gallons each one will provide? If more then one candle is added to the buckets will it increase the amount of gallons before going bad? 
Are the candles re-useable and if so how long?
Will the thickness of the filter change the difference of the water provided? Is there a re-useable candle?
I'm asking these question(s) because our family we go out hiking and camping for long period(s) of time and we would love to find something that can fit our lifestyle, we really don't want to end our trip short because of lack of drinking water.
The CN-SS 2"x7" Supersterasyl filter candle has a 535 gallon capacity, whilst the 2"x10" ceramic candle has a 750 gallon capacity rating. It make it easier to use the same size candles for determining the replacement frequency. Essentially, however, you can get about 1,285 gallons of filtered water before you need filter replacement. The more filters you use within the system, your move overall capacity, as well as, production (drip-rate) you will receive achieve.
All of our ceramics, including the ones mentioned above and below, use what's called a Sterasyl shell (membrane). We sell a Sterasyl filter which does not contain activated carbon inside to reduce chemicals, taste and odor. The Sterasyl is simply used to remove suspended solids and micro-organisms from the untreated water. It is because it does not contain any GAC inside, that these filters can be cleaned over 60 times and not need to be replaced for several years. This model is CN-S, and is located on the following link with Doulton other gravity filter candles.