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Apr 24, 2006

I want to purchase a filter that will take out ALL the horrors now found in the water

I have been using an excellent-quality bottled water for 30 years and now want to eliminate the bottled water and purchase a water filter. I have been researching water filters and am interested in possibly buying a Doulton.

In researching the public water where I live, I reviewed their 2005 annual drinking water quality report. The following may be found
in this water:

- arsenic
- pesticides and herbicides from chemicals used on laws by residents
- nitrates from fertilizer
- VOCs (Volatile Organic Contaminants)
- chlorine added by the water company to kill bacteria
- Polyphosphates added by the water company to take out iron
- Hydrated lime and soda ash added by the water company

I am interested in knowing if the Doulton Water Filter can take out any and all of the above substances.

What I particularly want is to purchase a filter that will take out ALL the horrors now found in the water (or as many of them as
possible while leaving in tact all the minerals naturally found in hard water.

In other words, I do NOT want to drink soft water. I DO want to drink hard water WITHOUT the garbage.

The polyphosphates and lime and soda ash are harmless natural minerals that are used in water treatment industry.
The polyphosphates coat the calcium and magnesium ions preventing them from adhering to plumbing fixtures and water using appliances reducing the scale build up. This does not mean that the minerals are removed. they can only be removed by ion exchange treatment such as softener.
Lime and soda ash is used to lower the alkalinity in the water making it to taste less bitter.

Our triple housing filters can address the rest of the contaminants that may be in your water by using selected elements. If your nitrates are less than 10 mg/L then dual housing filter with arsenic and Ultracarb candle will be more than adequate.

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