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Dec 22, 2005

Doulton under-sink water filtration system and softener.

I am interested in purchasing a doulton under-sink water filtration system but my plumber who will be installing the system questioned whether I need a water softener also.
Doulton under-sink (or countertop) water filters have nothing to do with water softeners meaning they work with softener and without softener.

Filter to provide clean water to my refrigerator drinking water and ice dispenser.

I would like to install a filter to provide clean water to my refrigerator drinking water and ice dispenser. The filter would be located in the basement, connected directly to the refrigerator supply line in a closet. I would like it to be large enough so it would not require service more than about once a year. The water is from a private well, softened before it gets to the refrigerator. I am mainly concerned about nitrates, which recently tested at 11 ppm. Which of your products should I be considering?
If nitrates is your primary concern we carry A-3I nitrate Imperial cartridge which can be found on the following page. The 10" filter housing can also be found on the same link:

Carbon block filter replacements that match a KX#06-250-125-975 water filter

I would be interested in the carbon block filter replacements that match a KX#06-250-125-975 water filter that I currently use.
It looks like the CP series; could you help me match it exactly?

The KX# is equivalent to CPpB+1 9-3/4" cartridge.

Dec 16, 2005

GSS Imperial British Berkefeld gravity filter for chemical and microbiological filtration

I am writing to ask for a quote to purchase the GSS Imperial British Berkefeld gravity filter for chemical and microbiological filtration .I am still in the process of doing my research on other similar products.
This may sound odd, but could you recommend any of your competitor’s products that may be close to yours?
Your company’s products we’re the first and so far only one that I am considering, but it never hurts to have the knowledge.

You may be able to find Katadyn gravity filter with ceramic only called Ceradyn or combination ceramic with carbon called Gravidyn but their candles are same as our standard 2" as opposed with our Imperial Supersterasyl 2.75" in diameter for higher water production.
Doulton ceramics are the only one in the world to pass NSF Int'l arsenic and cadmium extraction test. This does not imply that Katadyn ceramics leach out these commonly found contaminants in ceramics.
When will "Model GCC Classic Gravity Filter" be in stock?

Model GCC has been discontinued however the 10" Supersterasyl filter replacement elements for this model will be available indefinitely.

My next choice, after the GCC, is the GSS2 w/ fluoride elements.
How would the GSS2 (with fluoride elements) compare, in purification ability, to the CP200UC+ (with fluoride elements)?

Same, both will take out fluoride/heavy metals to none detectable level.

Can the supercarb, ultracarb or the imperial ultracarb be cleaned so that it can used again ?

I noticed on this link it only shows the 1 cartridge that can be cleaned.

Yes. For more information please visit the following link:
Imperial Ultracarb lead removal capacity is 2000 gallons.

Dec 4, 2005

Purchasing Doulton ceramic replacement filters

I do not see a web page for simply purchasing replacement filters. I would be interested in the carbon block candle style pB1 (with lead reduction) filter and the Sterasyl candle (in the event I decide to buy the IP200pBS).
The IP200pBS is very similar to IP100UC with the exceptions that the 200 model have a 1 micron carbon cartridge as a pre-filter with Sterasyl candle as a final microbial protection. The Ultracarb have both filters into one ceramic shell. The only advantage is that Sterasyl candle can be cleaned over 50 times however the carbon filter have to be changed every 600 gallons or 6-9 months and it's a bit less expensive than Ultracarb . To ensure the carbon chemical effectiveness we recommend Ultracarb change out every 6-9 months regardless that the ceramic shell is still effective for microbial protection. The candles can be purchased at the following link.

OMNI-Doulton combination

I now have an OMNI 2 micron sediment filter and would like to use it as a prefilter to the Doulton IS100SC. We live in the rain forest of Costa Rica and our well has high sediment content. I know that Doulton sells a dual filter, (the IP200UC+) but I would like to save the $$ if the flow rate will not be compromised by the OMNI-Doulton combination.
The flow rate will not be compromised unless the Omni filter have 1/4 inch tubing. Doulton ceramics are very tight therefore our supply lines are 3/8 inch to increase the pressure. However you may not even need a pre-filter, she just have to clean the cartridge more frequently, perhaps every 2 months. Clean candle have flow rate of about 1/2 gallon per minute. Since she lives in the rain forest (environmentally relatively clean water) all she'll need is IP100SC.

Supercarb water filter filters out flouride?

I have recently purchased a Supercarb water filter, and am very impressed with it but woul like to know if it filters out flouride.
Supercarb ceramic candle is designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) and microbial removal such as cysts and bacteria. We do have candle mount cartridge for fluoride removal however it is limited to that specific compound and is used in our IP200 and IP300 series filters. Unless you have high concentrations of fluorides (some well waters) rarely one would need that cartridge, Supercarb candle is more than one would ever need.

What the percentage reduction of asbestos is for your asbestos filter?

The efficiency of our ceramic water filtration technology is greater than 99.99% at 0.5 micron absolute ANSI standard which means that all particles greater than 0.5 microns are stopped at the surface of the ceramic candle. Asbestos particle size are in a range of 10 to 100 microns

What the percentage reduction of arsenic is for your filter?

Can you tell me what the percentage reduction of arsenic is for your filter? I also have another question. Does the pH of the water affect the percentage of arsenic reduction? Our water, which is from a private well, has a pH of 7.6 and arsenic content of 0.18 mg/l. The arsenic is really the only concern in terms of what we need to filter for. It would appear that Doulton's Model IP300PSCA-5 filter would be the best for our situation. Would you agree?
You are absolute correct as far IP300PSCA-5 model is ideal for your water conditions. The pH is surprisingly low for well water, almost neutral however your arsenic level is high compare to EPA maximum allowable of 0.010 mg./L. The arsenic cartridge will remove all of the arsenic to none detectable level for at least first 350 gallons.