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Jan 15, 2006

Residential system for refrigerator with indoor water and ice

Very interested in residential system for refrigerator with indoor water and ice, the IF100UC. Also would like pricing for extra JG-tee for package.

I am in process of reading the entire site as it relates to home water and undersink unit but please give me more information for the ceramic candle capacity, for example, if I purchase the Model IS100SC do I clean and replace or discard and replace after the 1000 gallons limit is reached?

The IF100UC is not available yet however if you purchase the IS100SC a fridge/ice maker kit is available in 25' and 35' length providing that you can bring the tubing to the back of fridge from the filter. The 3/8"x3/8"x1/4" push-fit tee is included in the kit and the cost is $3.60.
The ceramic candle need cleaning when the flow rate decreases. The recommended change out is typically 9-12 months base on four users using the filtered water for drinking and cooking as well rinsing vegetables.

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