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Feb 18, 2006

Fluoride removal in Gravity fed water filters

I purchased the GSS2 Gravity water system. I have a flouride filter for it too
but I can't figure out where to put it. I assumed that it would be
in the lower compartment and attached to the faucet. However, the
adapter on the flouride element doesn't allow for the large grouves
from the faucet to fit into it.

Any suggestions, please call me as I cannot find out on the website
how to attach this, and I want to use the unit as soon as possible.
Screw on the gray coupling onto the short (4") fluoride filter nozzle
then screw the other end onto the ceramic filters nozzle on the
underside of the upper chamber. Make sure you use both. Should you
have problem give us a call.

I think I get it. Use both floride filters - one at the underside of each of the ceramic filters on the upper side.
I never thought of that approach. Good move.

Can you tell me how much flouride reduction there is in your
Fluoride/heavy metal reduction element for gravity filters 2"x4"
Typical municipal water will have up to 2 ppm fluoride which will be about 400 gallons for each element to reduce fluoride to none detectable level. The media is far more effective when used in gravity mode as opposed to pressure mode.

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