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Apr 24, 2006

Supercarb,Ultracarb: Cyst, Lead and Other Contaminants Reduction

Supercarb,Ultracarb: Cyst, Lead and Other Contaminants Reduction

We own 3 of your Doulton Counter Top Ultracarb Water Filters in plastic and I noticed as I searched the web for cartideg replacements that there is the usual Ultracarb which I've been using and the Megacarb replacement filter cartridge.

Will the Megacarb 10" fit and is it usable in my countertop water filters? Is this better than the Ultracarb replacement cartridges as my well water has fecal coloform bacteria from an old septic system that is no longer used but still affects our water. The 4th main faucet we have and use is the only one without a Doulton water filter on it. We've used a SunPure UV + filtering water purifier on that one but have found they are no longer being manufactured so I will have to find a replacement.

Will the Doulton with a Megacarb work as well as the SunPure Water Purifier for the bacteria removal for my family's safety even though it doesn't have a UV?
Megacarb ceramic candle (part N° W9130113) is interchangeable with Ultracarb (part N° W9123053) however is tighter than Ultracarb. All of the Doulton ceramic candles are far more effective on removing bacteria than any UV on the market negating the needs for UV. With Megacarb candle we can guarantee greater than 99.9999% fecal coliform reduction.

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