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Jul 16, 2010

A Better Way to Filter Water

I was sold on Doulton filters a few years ago when I was in Nairobi, Kenya, visiting my parents, and we were vacationing in a Mombasa bungalow where the water supply was from a cistern holding rainwater collected off the roof of the building. We used a portable, gravity-drip Doulton filter system, and the water quality was, frankly, excellent. I will not own a water filter that doesn't have at least one Doulton 10-inch Imperial filter in it.

I am continually surprised, when I go into Lowes or Home Depot, that they seem mainly to push these reverse osmosis filters. They're always the most prominent items in their water filter sections, followed by ridiculous things like Pur pitcher filters. RO filters are inefficient and waste fresh water the world doesn't have. Pitcher filters are... well... enough said. Why haven't the big box stores caught on, that there's a much better way to filter water?



Jul 13, 2010

GSS-Mini-A Feedback

My daughter took our GSS-Mini-A off to summer school so now I need another one. Wonderful water quality!