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Apr 27, 2006

Whole house filter for arsenic.

Could you please e-mail me more info on your ACBTC AF50 10 whole house filter for arsenic?

Assuming that a pre-filter for sediment is used, and an arsenic level in the water of 0.02 mg/liter, approximately how long, or how many gallons, would a cartridge last?

What is the cost of replacement cartridges?

Will this filter remove chlorine and/or ammonia that is added to a municipal water supply? (We are currently on well water, but may get county water next year. However, this would also be well water which might have low levels of arsenic and will also have chlorine and ammonia added to the water.)
The model you are referring to is whole house automatic back wash filter, arsenic removal media in it, no cartridges.
At that level of arsenic the media is good for at least 2 million gallons or about about 10 years use on typical household of 4. The replacement media cost $460 a cubic foot. All information can be found on the following link:
It does not remove chlorine/ammonia (chloramine), for that you may consider whole house carbon filter with coconut shell carbon in it.
Related items -point of use aresenic removal filers:

I am considering ordering one of your whole house arsenic water filters and have several questions:

If I install a whole house arsenic filter is there any advantage to installing one of your point of use filters for drinking water "downstream" of the whole house filter just to be sure that the actual drinking water has zero arsenic in it?

Is there any advantage to installing an inexpensive sediment filter "upstream" of the whole house arsenic filter to extend the filter life?

Is there a picture on your site of the ACBTC-AF50-12?
How much arsenic is in your water and if any how much fluoride and iron? No need for sediment filter as this will filter out particles down to 20 microns. The picture is at the bottom of the following link:
Our well water tests just above the detection level for arsenic (0.02 mg/l). Iron is at 0.021. Fluoride is ND.

I'm looking to get drinking and cooking water to arsenic to zero and showering water pretty close to zero. If I need to use a point of use arsenic filter downstream from the whole house filter to be sure of getting all of the arsenic out I'm willing to do that.

I was just asking about a sediment filter upstream of the whole house arsenic filter if that would prolong the filter life of the whole house unit.

What is the expected life of a whole house filter? What is the cost?

Does any of the aluminum from the filter element end up in the water? Does the filtering process add anything at all to the water?
As I mentioned in my previous answer they will filter out sediments down to 20 microns and all sediments will be flushed down the drain during regeneration cycle. If you wish to put sediment filter upstream it's up to you.
With the amount of arsenic in your water they will remove both As3 and As5 down to none detectable level for about 3.5 to 4 million gallons per cubic foot. 1 cu.ft. of media cost $680.00 plus freight.
They do not add anything to the water nor the media migrate out of the filter as it has retaining final polish filter that keeps the media in the filter. All the prices can found on the following link:

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