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Jan 15, 2006

Removing the chlorine and fluoride from the water in my house.

I am interested in removing the chlorine and fluoride from the water in my house. I bought a whole house filter to remove the chlorine and a reverse osmosis under the sink filter to further purify the water and remove the fluoride. However I cannot find a percentage for the chlorine removal and the manufacturer can not seem to tell me either. Because of the lack of information and the cheap price of the filter $50 (smartwater GXWH35F) I am assuming that it probably removes a very small percentage of the chlorine. I am also now questioning the reverse osmosis filter because I read some of the drawbacks on your website (breading bacteria etc).

I want more pure water. I am particularly concerned about fluoride and chlorine as well as other chemicals. I am not too concerned about microorganisms (I don't want to increase them though by giving them a breading ground in a filter). I have been considering a whole house unit and an under the sink unit so that my drinking water will be even cleaner than my bathing water. I am also concerned about price because it seams that some of the filters are quite expensive

I hope this information is not to vague, Can you advise me on which products might be helpful for my situation.

You are correct about little percentage of chlorine reduction by that filter as the cartridge contain granular activated carbon (GAC) and the water channel right through the carbon bed. I don't know why these "big box stores" sell them as a "whole house system" as their chlorine reduction is at best 25% with capacity of 3-4000 gallons.

We carry automatic and none automatic whole house carbon filters that will remove >99% chlorine whoever we do not recommend them for your purpose for reason that in absence of chlorine HPC bacteria (harmless) will colonize your plumbing system causing bad smell requiring frequent system flushing (every water outlet).

These filters are designed for reduction of VOC's such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents commonly found is some well waters.

Most practical and economical solution for your purpose is to install shower filter to remove chlorine

and point-of-use drinking water system either counter top or under sink type.

Our dual housing filters CP200UC+ or IP200UC+ can give you premium quality water for drinking and cooking purposes. These two models when chosen with fluoride/heavy metals element will beat any RO system in addition of removing microorganisms. You should be concerned about these as cysts such as Cryptosporidium are not killed by chlorine and are commonly found in treated surface waters.

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