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Aug 8, 2006

Water filter for a trip overland in a vehicle in Africa.

i am planning a trip overland in a vehicle in africa - i am wondering what filters you would recommend. i am travelling alone.

currently i am considering the GSS2 - could you advise what the filter capacity is (overall litres/gallons processed by each filter?)

alternatively, what is the difference between the GSS2 and the Sterasyl? I see the sterasyl has a capacity of 50 000 litres.

could you please advise which of the above (or other) would be the best product for me under the above circumstances.

could you please advise soonest.

GSS2 is the gravity water filter supplied complete with two 2"x7" Supersterasyl ceramic candles,wing nuts, gaskets, spigot and filter lid.
Supersterasyl is a Sterasyl candle with coconut shell activated carbon inside to improve the taste and odor of the water in addition to remove organic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents. The carbon capacity using to filter out city chlorinated water is 750 gallons per candle, the ceramic shell is good for many 1000's gallons.
Spare set of candles recommended.

Industrial version of water filters made out of stainless steel

I work in ... LLC. Our product is widely known for its novelty presentation of chemical lights.
In an effort to integrate some of our components into the manufacturing plant, the Company has decided to begin making some of it's own chemical blending.
To that end I need an industrial version of your water candle filters made out of stainless steel (304 or 316) using some form of inert filter element.
Our product will have a very light viscosity with it's primary element being di-butil benzoate (oily).
The blend, prior to passing thru your candle filter will have passed thru a leaf filter to remove 99.9% of solid material.
The blending process will be in batch form, making about 4 to 6 (55 gallon) batches per shift at a process temp of 60C.
I need information on what filter can fit my needs and what would be the cost of such a unit.
You can perform pilot test study with HSS-1 304L stainless steel filter and ceramic micro-cartridge rather than candle. The candles fits Doulton housing only which you can use Doulton 316 stainless steel filter housing.
HSS-1 can be found on the following link:

Water is high in iron and has the lovely rotten egg smell

I have a problem and am asking around for help. I live in the ..., Washington area and our water here is gross. It is high in iron and has the lovely rotten egg smell. This stuff stains everything a lovely orange color and I think one would smell better if they DIDN'T take a shower. Here is the specs of my pad:

four bedroom shack
well that is about 168 feet deep and flows about 12-15 gallons a minute of "stink"
1.25" poly line feed the pad with 42 PSI
no sprinkler systems for fire suppression

Any help and pricing you can offer up is greatly appreciated.

I commend you for such a colorful description of your water and yet retain good sense of humor.
Air injections automatic back-wash systems with up 20 ppm. iron, up to 7 ppm sulfide and 4 ppm manganese removal. Working pH 7-9
Automatic back-wash sulfide/manganese removal system up to 30 ppm. Working pH 6.5-9
Automatic back-wash iron removal system up to 40 ppm. Working pH 6.5-9
Best is to know how many ppm of each you have in your water and based on that we can recommend appropriate system

Reduce aresnic level in artesian well water

I have an 500 foot deep artesian well. in 1993 the arsenic level was
11 ppb which was well under the EPA guideline of 50 ppb. We recently
had it tested and it is now 19 ppb above the new 10 ppb EPA
guideline. Will the Doulton ACBTC-AF50-12 model be the best fit
for my house? We have 4 bathrooms. If this unit were installed what
would you estimate it would reduce my aresnic level to. Would it
bring it down below th 10PPB guideline?

It would reduce the arsenic to none detectable level. Normally on such a low level of arsenic we recommend point-of-use under-sink or counter-top filters to treat just the drinking and cooking water.
Which under-sink model would you recommend for my house?
I only need to treat for arsenic. Everything else test outs OK
IP200UC+. The reason I recommend dual housing filter is that the ceramic candle in the last housing will slow down the flow rate to about 1/2 GPM max. giving the water enough contact time with the media or, IP100 any model you control the flow rate to 1/3 - 1/2 GPM with the filter shut-off ball valve (supplied w/install kit). If choosing IP100 in the shopping cart text area state that you want A-5 candle instead the default candle.