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Mar 27, 2006

Whole house "do all" water filter

What I would like to have when finished setting up our home is for the best of water filtration, if possible and within a reasonable cost in which I feel you have for your high standards of quality products.

I would like not to have a water softner on our system if possible.
I would like to have a whole home filteration system that removes chlorine, lead chemicals, and any other unsafe items. The kitchen sink I will want a under counter drinikng water system. The water at the showers and bath sinks will be free and safe for normal usage from the filter, just not drinking water.

I have attached my city's water report.
Would you advise me on how you would set up our home with all of your product numbers.
I am looking to use your company exclusively to do this because of your experience and support that you have given me to answering my questions.
There is no whole house "do all" filter nor is practical to treat the water to high degree on every tap. Bituminous activated carbon removes chlorine and to some degree organic compounds such as herbicides, pesticides and industrial carbon based solvents and coconut shell carbon is more effective on VOC's than bituminous. Activated carbon does not remove inorganic compounds such as lead. We have filters with 4.25"x20" extruded carbon block cartridge that in addition will remove lead with the following limitations: chlorine removal 66,000 gallons, lead reduction 17,000 gallons capacity and flow rate of 5 GPM. We carry whole house automatic carbon water filters and none automatic filters with choice of carbon however based on your city water report I don't think you need one unless you want to get the chlorine out on every tap.

Our single housing IP100UC four stage under sink filter is more than you'll need for premium quality drinking and cooking water.

I would like to get the chlorine out of every tap. I believe the system I am looking at would be the whole house carbon system ACBTC-CA10 with coconut shell carbon. IP100UC under counter for our drinking water.
What are you thoughts regarding our city's water quaility and removing our water softener to eliminate the salt in our system?

According to water report you have pretty good water. Now they don't show the hardness which is not a contaminant but it looks as they are mixing well (hard) with surface (soft) water therefore you may not need a softener. If I were in your place I'll do the following: Your water softener should have bi-pass valve. Isolate the softener and turn the power off to it. Use the none softened water for about a week as usual. If the soap doesn't lather well, glasses become spotty after washing, mineral build up on showers and fixtures these are signs of hard water. Also, when you showering with hard water the skin feels slippery and slimy. There are inexpensive hardness test kits you can find on the Internet and tested yourself or ask your water dept. if they know what is the hardness.
If the none softened water is acceptable then install the whole house carbon in place of the softener to minimize piping.

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