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Jun 27, 2013

Diverter Valve Replacement for Doulton Countertop filter series

I need to replace my "Diverter Valve" for my Countertop water filter, how can i get one?
 Please see our ACC-DIV-CP diverter valve replacement assembly for $ 25.00 on the following link:
Replacing Diverter Valve Kit on Doulton Countertop Filters Instructions.

How Do I Replace Filters??

 I have a 3 cylinder Doulton unit under my sink. I'm at a loss how to get the cartridges out. The water stream from the faucet is nearly just a trickle now and I really need the filters changed. I  have the replacement filters, but just cannot figure out how to get the plastic sleeves undone. I didn't get any instructions when my plumber installed it and he came over about 8 months ago and took the filters out, rinsed them and that did the trick (the unit was only in about 12 months).

I got as far as the top off, took out 8 screws, a plastic piece came off the three cylinders and then I see these cylinders have a rubber seal holding them into the unit. So, I just put it all back together and now I'm really frustrated because I just don't know what to do. My plumber is out of commission so I can't get him to help. Can you?? Thank you for your assistance.
Hopefully following these instructions will help you:

1. Shut-off the water to the filter. Open the filter faucet up to  remove back pressure built-up. Wait 10 minutes.
  2. Unscrew the filter housings (turn left (clockwise direction if underink) There should be no reason to remove any screws. The screws are only meant to mount the filters to the bracket. The filter housings are the white canisters that have the cartridges inside. These are simply unscrewed so you have access to your cartridges.
 3. Unscrew the filter cartridges and replace with new ones or just clean the ceramic candle ( labeled Ultracarb).
 4. Put everything back together and turn shut-off valve back on.
  Inspect for leaks.
  Here is a link for ceramic filter cleaning instructions:
Thank you for providing these instructions! It worked! The problem was that the plumber that installed the unit had the cylinders screwed in so tight I could not budge them. I was able to get someone to look at the unit this past wkend, he was able to get the cylinders detached, I was able to flush the filters and now the unit is working just fine!
 I love this water filtration system!!! My water is horrible and even with a water softener, I won't drink it. However, with the Doulton filters, I can drink the water! THANK YOU for a terrific product!!
We are so happy we were able to provide some assistance and the issue is now resolved.
Please remember to hand-tighten only. They do not need to be screwed on so tight! Please let us know if and when you need replacement filters and we'll be sure to ship them out right away.

Jun 18, 2013

Filtering Hot water

Just wondering if hot water affect the performance of your water filter??
Why I ask? Seems that after I use your product, perhaps after filtering hot water, I realize that there is a built up of white calcium deposits stuck to the rims of the cylinder of my water boiler. Perhaps is the calcium on your filter (large amounts) is transferred to my water boiler???

These filters are for cold water use only and water entering the filters should not exceed 99 degree. There is no calcium in our filters, nor will the filters remove calcium. This is most likely coming from your hot water heater because hot water precipitates calcium faster.

RV water softener

I have a new 2010 Everest I would like to find a water softener/ purifier system for. When we are traveling, 6-10 months/ year, we miss the soft water we have at home. We very seldom boon dock so we're not worried about using the holding tank. When we do I can fill through outside shower or maybe a diversion valve. The unit came with a drinking water filtration but we miss pure water showers and so on. there is plenty of room behind the docking panel for a medium sized unit 2'x3'x2' tall. Please give me any recommendations with prices if you can.
I can install with a good set of directions or have installed if needed for warranty
 Consider our Salt-Free Water conditioner. It doesn't soften the water but conditions it to where it does not scale deposit on and in your plumbing system. At the same time, it feels like soften water ;except without the slippery, slimy, feel. Please see our NoScale system designed for boats and RVs:

Filtration system in time of emergency

I want to purchase a ceramic candle (or similar) filtration system that I can use in time of emergency. I do not want something that hooks up to a current plumbing system. I want something that I can use with river water, for example, and turn it into drinking water. What do you recommend.
 For personal use, consider the Personal Emergency Gravity (drip) Water Filter For household/family use, consider  the GSS2
 These systems will all provide you with premium quality water from any water source (except for sea water). The only main differences is the container size, as well as, the total output (per hour, per day, total capacity).

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

I've a Doulton Ultracarb counter top filters - 2 candles.  I did a TDS test on a cup of filter water and it has TDS value of 260. This result is much higher compared to a bottle of Dasani which is only 50. I wonder what the average TDS level is for the Doulton filtered water? How can I reduce TDS level in my Douton filtered water?
 Because TDS consists mostly of dissolved minerals and salts in the water, you will not see a drastic reduction in TDS, nor should it be an accurate measure of water quality. Our filters leave essential minerals in tact, while technologies such as Reverse Osmosis (Dasani) and Distillation strip them from the water making a very acidic/aggressive water.

Rainwater from the roof

I recently purchased the GSS2-IMP for my part-time home in Hawaii. It is safely stashed away against the possibility that the piped water supply is cut off (hurricane, power outage, etc.).
My plan is to catch rainwater from my roof which is the usual asphalt shingle construction (appx two years old).
 Please confirm that the unit will successfully and safely filter roof-caught rainwater including removing whatever petroleum products may leach out of the shingles and become a part of the runoff.
The GSS2-IMP will be extremely efficient at making the water potable and free of micro-organisms, particulates, and carbon based chemicals, such as petroleum products. If you want to filter further, consider two  CN-B2 2"x4" heavy-metal reduction elements to add on to your system. They can be purchased at the following link for $ 24.00 ea

Problems with aquacrock

We bought 2 aquacrocks a few weeks ago. One went to my husband's office and the other is in our house. The house one is only  producing about a quart of filtered water in 6 hours. What is wrong?
I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your AquaCrock filter system. With gravity filters, such as these, it can take 3-4 days for the ceramic filters to condition themselves to the water
supply. During this time, the filter production rate can be brutally slow. After 72 hours of the filters being in contact with your water, the flow-rate should drastically increase and even reach above 1/2
gallon (2 quarts) per hour. How long has these filters been installed and have been filtering the water? If the unit is not producing water fast enough after several days in operation, then I would advise you
to remove the 3 candles from the system and let them completely dry out. After about 24 hrs and dry, reinstall the candles and run 1 batch of water through the unit and discard it. Then, fill up the top
reservoir full of water once again and see how long it takes to filter the water. At that time, you can consume the filtered water.
If the problem still persists after this conditioning process, please let us know right away and we'll take the next step.

Under counter Water Filters

Can you tell me what the difference is between your under counter water filter and a 5 stage reverse osmosis system? I am looking to remove fluoride from my water.Can you also send me a list of the specific contaminants/chemicals that your system removes and the percentage of removal?
Also, does your system require a storage tank? If not, why not?
This is a good link which educates you on the difference in water treatment technologies:
For fluoride removal you will need a Doulton 200 series under counter filter, IP200UC+. It does not require a storage tank because (unlike R.O.) it produces water on demand at a steady 1/2 gallon per minute. R.O. requires storage tank because it wastes 3-4 gallons for every gallon of water it produces. The 200 series filter will contain 2 cartridges within. The specs for these cartridges are on the links: (Ultracarb ceramic candle) and (fluoride specific candle).

3-4 Person Family Filter System

Please recommend which model number is the best to fit a family of 3-4 people for cooking and drinking water. What is the Ph value for the normal people to use. What is your lead time to ship out the product after you receive an order? Is the filer easy to install?
 I'll recommend one of our most versatile and sought after undersink filters. It is the dual cartridge system located here: ; Our filters will not adjust or effect the pH of your water. Typical city water is around 7.5 pH and our filters will not mess with that.
 Lead-time is 2-5 business days after order is placed and will depend on your location. The filters come with a DIY installation kit for any handy person to install.

Enhanced Filter Systems

Thanks for your prompt reply. Great service! I'm wondering if there is any upscale models you'll recommend than IP200UC?
I'm not sure what you mean by "upscale" but we do have the same version in a stainless steel model. Please see: We also have a triple canister system with added filtration capability, and a High-Flow/High Capacity system, here:
 Any of these items would be a great choice for you and your family.

Nitrate Filters For Gravity Filters

gss2- i want nitrate protection do i configure the gss2?
do i run water through supersterasyl candles and then replace supersterasyl candles with nitrate candles and run it through again?
 The 2"x4" Nitrate filters connect to the SuperSterasyl filters at the UNDERSIDE of the upper chamber. We provide it with a coupler that connects the two kinds of candles together so that the water goes through BOTH filter elements. Please see

RIO 2000 and Clay Sediments

I am a homeowner with a water well. For years, when rainfall exceeds 1" in 24 hours, the water turns brown for 24 to 48 hours. I'm pretty sure it's fine clay sediment because it precipitates over a period of months to a thin mud-like residue in my toilet tanks. When I bought the house, the well was equipped with a UV sterilizer and sediment prefilter. I use 5u string-wound cartridges. I want a filter that will remove the brown color. Even a 1u PUR faucet filter does not completely remove it, suggesting that the smallest particles are sub-micron, but I don't know how to be sure. What I have read ranges from vague to misleading. Any Ideas?
 You could use the RIO 2000 ceramic micro filter, however, during these rainy and run-off periods, the colloidal clay you have in your water may clog this tight filter element. It filters particles down to 0.05 micron in size so it will certainly filter it out. However, there's no way to determine how often the filter gets clogged and requires cleaning. I would first try to use a 1 micron sediment depth filter, like the one we have here:
 If that doesn't work, then you could certainly consider the RIO 2000 filter system but please be aware it may require daily maintenance because this clay matter can pass through a pre-filter.

Water filter running very slow

Our water filter is running extremely slow.   Do we need to replace the filter?
 The filter should be replaced ever 6 months for a household of 4 people (1 yr. for 2 personl HH). However, during that time, you may see a considerable decrease in water flow-rate because the ceramic filter candle is becoming clogged. When this happens, you can clean the filter to restore the flow-rate to its' typical 1/2 gal. per minute. Please see cleaning instructions here:


I am looking at two of the water filters trying to compare &  decide which one will remove more chemical pollutants from groundwater. I live in Norfolk, VA, and am told that the main difficulty in using well water here in an emergency is not so much filtration of bacteria & such,which is pretty straightforward, but the chemicals in the water table.
 Of course after I purchase a unit, I am still going to have the filtered water tested at a lab for VOC's and anything else that can be tested before I commit to drinking it, but m intent is to obtain safe filtration of local groundwater for use after a major hurricane. here in Tidewater Virginia, local watersources have already been made undrinkable for an extended period from contamination after a mere category II hurricane (not severe), and no one seems alarmed by this.

 GSS2 Series - Portable gravity filter 10 GPD (40 LPD) two candle system Offers some add-ons or upgrades. One can apparently upgrade the original CN-SS supersterasyl filter to the Imperial Supersterasyl filter  CN-SSI. There are several more possible upgrades listed for this filter system.
 CN-B2 2x4 Fluoride/heavy metal reduction element for gravity drip water filters 2"x4"
CN-A3 2x4 Nitrate reduction element for gravity drip water filters 2"x4"
CN-M1 2x4 MTBE reduction element for gravity drip water filters 2"x4"
CN-A5 2x4 Arsenic reduction element for gravity drip water filters 2"x4"
Do I as the user have to decide which of these2x4 filters I want to use, or can I use all 4 of them in addition to the Imperial Supersterasyl filter upgrade?
May main concern is removing chemical pollutants.
These portable filters are the perfect choice for you to use when there is not a reliable water source or for any periods of emergency. If there's bacterial and chlorine resistant Cysts in the water, it will filter them out. These are all extremely good at removing VOCs from the water. The specialty elements you have listed should only be used if you are using the filter daily for drinking water. You should only use one kind of "add-on" filter with these systems. For example, for city water, typically choose the CN-B2 2x4. If you use a mix of filters, you are essentially only filtering half the water for that specific contaminant.
All three options will provide virtually chemical and microbiological free water. You just have to choose which set-up you prefer and best suites your tastes.

Ultracarb Filters with Instant-Hot Systems

Can I combine the Ultracarb filter with a hot water dispenser?
Sure you can. We sell filters containing the Ultracarb filter and we sell hot/cold systems that utilize the Ultracarb. Please see our Instant Hot and Instant Hot/Cold Filter systems on the following links:

Differences in GSS2 and GSS2 IMP

 I do not know if my gravity filter is a GSS2 or a GSS2 IMP so am unsure what replacement filters to order. Are the filters interchangeable? Can you use the Super Sterasyl filter candle in either model?
The filters are interchangeable. The IMP filters have a CN-SSI  2 3/4" diameter compared to a CN-SS  2" diameter. That's the only difference. The difference in price represents the higher flow and higher capacities associated with the Imperial elements.

What Order are the Filters Installed?

The tap water should go to which one first---the ceramic one or the one with metal deduction (the one you are shipping to us for replacement).
The B-2 metal reduction filter (or any specialty element filter) is the one which is installed in the FIRST filter housing. The ceramic filter element is almost ALWAYS installed as the last stage of filtration.

Jun 17, 2013


Filter for IP100UC Model number ?? please
The replacement filter for IP100UC is the CN-UC Ultracarb candle, found on the following link:

Differences in GSS-Mini-A and GSS-Mini-7

I am interested in your GSS-Mini-7 water filters for travel.
2 questions:1. What's the difference between the Gss-mini-7 and gss-mini-A?
2. Do i simply pour water into the container and then re-pour the filtered water out to drink?
 To use the filter you simply pour water into the upper chamber and then the filtered water drips into the lower chamber. It's a surgical-grade stainless steel container which you can drink from or pour into another container to consume from.
 I have provided the following link which shows a table that provides the most clarity as to the difference of the two models. Please review:

Do the Specialty Element Filters Work with the GSS-Min

Do you make any flouide/arsenic/MTBE filters to fit the personal GSS-Mini which takes a Doulton 2x7 Supersterasyl candle?
Unfortunately, because of the size constraints, those specialty element filters will not fit a personal traveler filter.


Is your company related to the "Berkey" company selling seemingly identical filters?
No, Berkey is not a registered or genuine Doulton or British Berkefeld product

Countertop Filter for Fluoride Removal

Please advise if your water filter does remove fluoride from the water. I have been looking for one that does this and was told your countertop filter did take most of the fluoride out. Can you please let me know?
CP200UC plus countertop filter, in which we carry, that will infact significantly reduce levels of fluoride, would be the following item:

Chlorine Water Filtration

My wife would like a water filter for chlorine removal and being the skeptic I have serious doubts about being able to simply filter chlorine from our water. Can you provide me with the product you have that filters chlorine and are they ANSI/NSF 42 approved? 

Actually, chlorine is one of the more basic, common and simplest contaminants that can be removed from the water. Any filter that contains activated carbon will be fully effective against not only chlorine, but VOCs, and disinfectant by-products (known carcinogens). Our ceramic filters have an activated carbon core and they are NSF 42 approved.
Doulton Ultracarb Chlorine Reduction Tast Results. Please look at our undersink filters which will all treat chlorinated water to an extremely high degree.

Fluoride Reduction Water Filter

I am trying to decide on purchasing your countertop dual candle water filter especially for it's fluoride removal option. I am trying to ascertain how much fluoride it removes and if that is only the man-made fluoride or also naturally occurring fluoride as well. Another competing brand with a similar dual candle filter system, claims to remove only man-made fluoride and that it would take thousands of dollars more to get a system that removes both man-made and naturally occurring. So I am wondering if that is the case for your system as well.
The  filter will remove fluoride, both man-made and natural, to a very high degree. There are however, variable which effect how much fluoride is removed, such as; bicarbonates, ph, etc. However, in most cases, you will get non-detectable levels of fluoride for up to 400-600 gallons.

Jun 14, 2013

Water filter for virus

Does your filter ULTRACARB™ Features true absolute sub-micron filtration Filter out viruses like this one:Sawyer Complete 4-Liter Dual Bag Water Purifier System ?

Thanks for your inquiry. I do not believe there is a testing protocol for virus removal or if a filter can be certified for virus removal. However, that being said, our filters have shown to reduce virus
contamination because virus are typically what they call "free riders" in which they actually attach themselves to other larger particles and bacteria which are filtered out. Also, because of the
intricate maze of labrynths and complex pore structure of the ceramic shell, the virus may pass through the first layer of the wall, but then hit a road block within the depth of the ceramic. Please see our technology page for more detailed explanation and information pertaining to the ceramic filter technology.

Trihalomethanes (THM) removal from drinking water

Do you test any of your water filters for removal of THMs? This is of particular concern for our town water supply. I'd like a drip system but have been unable to find one that tests for THMs.
THMs are reduced by an activated carbon filter. They are not as easily removed as say chlorine, for example because they require more contact time between the water and the carbon media. It is that particular reason why drip or gravity filtration is the BEST at THM removal. We have one test result, however, that shows that even with a pressure filter, the Doulton ceramic filter elements will filter these organic chemicals out to a very high degree. Please see:
SuperSterasyl Ceramic Water Filter Replacement for Gravity Fed Portable Systems 

Copper Removal from water

 I represent a water purification system in Australia and we sell your Doulton Ultracarb Filter. I have a customer that wants some information on Copper removal using the cartridge. I have been researching this and looked through your web site and found a pdf document about the cartridge with test results etc on it, but unfortunately I can't find any information specifically relating to Copper. It does state the cartridge will remove heavy metals, but for the customers benefit, I would like to supply them with more information. If you could help with this inquiry I would appreciate it greatly.
If the copper is in particle form then it will be filtered out 100%.If the copper is dissolved into the water then it should not be relied upon for 100% removal though it may be significantly reduced.
We do not have testing specifically on copper removal from the Ultracarb itself, however, it is certified against Lead at greater ;than 98% efficiency. Also, one could use a Doulton Twin filter system utilizing the Ultracarb plus a heavy-metal filter to achieve result such as this:

Trihalomethanes and Shower Filters

 Does your KDF shower filter reduce (and by how much) trihalomethanes? Trihalomethanes are a BIG concern in my town water supply and it is the number 1 issue for me. Since these byproducts of chlorination are absorbed through the skin and breathed in from the vapors in my shower, it is imperative that I buy a shower filter that significantly reduces their presence. 

If you absolutely do not know about THM's, can you tell me how many ounces of KDF your filters have in them? I found info elsewhere that suggests KDFs will remove THMs, but there probably has to be plenty of the stuff to do it.

We use Sprite shower filters which do use a combination of the patented chlorogon media and KDF. THMs require much greater contact time with the media (and yes, enough media) than what a shower filter can be relied upon to provide. The KDF and Chlorogon media will certainly reduce levels but it's exact efficiency is undetermined.
 The most reliable way to avoid THMs adsorbtion and inhalation from showering is to use a whole-house carbon water filter. A large tank based system with GAC will insure enough contact time for the carbon to adsorb the organic chemical (THM). These units can be viewed and purchased from the following link

Filtering Bromate

 I have two of your water filter systems and am very pleased.
My question is does it also filter Bromate out as well??
 Though Bromate is not normally found in water, it can be present in low concentrations when ozone is used as a primary disinfectant. The amount of Bromate converted from Bromine depends on the amount of Bromine in the source water, reaction time, pH, etc. The EPA has set forth guidelines to limit the amount of Bromine from the water, as well as, MCL goals which restrict the amount of Bromate formation levels down to "safe, allowable levels" from long-term exposure.
There is no know 100% reliable way to remove Bromate from water but given favorable conditions, Reverse Osmosis, GAC, and Ion-Exchange have been used and given warrantable further analysis for
 filtration. That being said, at this time, I would recommend a filter system containing 2-3 Activated Carbon filters within it, such as; R.O. systems or a multi-housing filter system like a Doulton 200 series filter unit, I also think a gravity filter would perform well because it offers significant, necessary filter contact time (slow, drip filtration), such as .


 I just want to thank you for all the help with our new under sink water filtration system. For years we have used a PUR filter that attaches to the faucet. We live in the country and were changing a $19 filter every 2 to 3 weeks. I have ordered for years from Allergy Buyers Club and called them to see what they would recommend. I actually called 2 separate times to talk to 2 separate customer service agents. They both recommended the Doulton. However, they both told me that it is not recommended for someone with a well.
In frustration, I finally called DoultonUSA. Best decision I ever made. First of all they KNOW the products. Second of all they stopped me from buying something that was way more than I needed. Thirdly, the faucet fixture itself was so superior and heavy duty compared to every thing Doulton on Amazon and Allergy Buyers Club. I called several times and the customer service people were so patient and helpful. We got our filter in just a couple of days. The fixture is beautiful. It has no plastic and looks perfect with our existing heavy duty fixtures. When the agent said EVERYTHING you need for installation is in the box. He was correct. The directions were easy and all the parts were top
quality. The actual filter meets NSF 42 and NSF 53 standards. The water is so good. This is going to save us so much money.

I now have called back several times and have just ordered a whole house AquaCera No Scale system. It is German technology. I am excited because it changes the structure of the lime without using salt or an expensive reverse osmosis system. The Europeans are truly way ahead of us in their green solutions. This ceramic medium filter should make our appliances last much longer. I will be glad not to use 3 gallons of white vinegar a week fighting lime build up. I cannot wait to get it in.

Thank you for being a truly customer service oriented company! We will recommend you to all our friends.

How environmentally friendly are Doulton Water Filters

How environmentally friendly are Doulton Water Filters?
They are very ecologically friendly. Once the filters are conditioned, they do not waste any water, as compared to R.O. which wastes between 3 and 5 gallons of water for every gallon it produces. They also do not add anything to the water. Ceramics can be crushed, sprinkled and buried in the garden to keep slugs away and are made up of organic materials.

Jun 13, 2013

Want to buy some product-portable on counter type we should consider?

I want to buy a gravity fed system. I want to use the highest grade filter you have.

It seems the  Gss2 and Gss2 imp are similar. Do they use the same filter technology?
Is the main difference one is fancy looking?  I do care about durability/long lasting,
which should I get? Where is most bang?

Is there another portable on counter type we should consider?

All of the gravity filters use the same ceramic filter technology. It's only the size of the candle which differ. They are both very durable and will essentially provide you with the same
quality of water. The advantages of the GSS2 series is that they are constructed of surgical-grade
stainless steel . System holds 2 filters , it can produce between 10-20 gallons per day which is typically more than what most families would ever need for their drinking and cooking water.
The choice is yours! We are confident you will be happy with whichever model you choose.

In what order to install water filter cartridges and when to replace.

I have your IS200UC +water filter with the Ultracarb candle in one tank and the CN-B2 flouride/metal reduction candle in the other. I understand that the CN-B2 is not cleanable, but should be replaced every 6 months (which is now). In the flow of water from incoming water to the tap, which filter should be in the first tank?

The B-2 is not cleanable because the shell of the candle is not a filter. The Ultracarb filters from outside/in which means the ceramic membrane acts as the first filter stage and traps the solids.
Eventually, the ceramic memrane (shell) gets dirty and plugged and requires
cleaning when the flow-rate of water has diminished. Both filters, regardless of cleaning, are recommended to be replaced every 600 gallons (6 months for 4 person house-hold). The B-2 should be implemented into the  first filter housing, followed by the Ultracarb filter in the second housing.

Salt free water softeners

I live in the small mountain town in CA. I am on a water meter, but our town of 1500 is on a series of wells. I am billed through the Municipal Water Company, so I believe our water is treated in some stage or another. I am in a 7 year old house that I built myself, and have a Life Source whole house water filter system with a small pre-filter. I believe it is a carbon system, as it does a flush once a week into the yard through a 1/2" drain pipe. I know one thing I would like to see is water
that is not so hard. ( spots and calcium build-up ). I found your site very interesting and would like your opinion on some products.
The first thing I would like to do is put in a under-sink drinking water filter with a counter-top faucet. How can I test my water to see which secondary filter i need ? What are your thoughts about leaving or removing my existing Life Source system in, or adding to it, or ??????. Please help me out with my concerns, without breaking my bank account.

For your hardness, we carry Salt-free water conditioners (softeners) to remove and prevent lime-scale depositing. Please see our NoScale systems located here along with the informative FAQ link:
Your municipal system should have an annual water report in which they have available to present you or published online. Please contact your local officials regarding that matter.

As far as undersink water filtration system is concerned, our IP200UC+ system is versatile and
far efficient enough to treat any municipally supplied water system.
Most people choose the fluoride filter if the area is known to fluoridate the water or if there may be a large heavy-metal content within the water. Please see the filter here:

As far as your existing whole-house carbon filter, it all depends on how long it's been installed (7 yrs?). What eventually happens is that the carbon within the unit will exhaust itself and reach it's total adsorptive capacity. When this happens, you can replace it with a new unit, or replace the activated carbon within it after dumping it out. My recommendation would be to purchase an inexpensive chlorine test-strip kit and determine if it is still removing the chlorine efficiently after all this time. Please let us know how else we may assist you. We would certainly love to work with you on this.

GSS Gravity Fed Water Filtration System

I am interested in buying a water filter. My husband is in the military so we move a lot and rent houses. I think the GSS Gravity Fed System would best meet our needs since we need something
;portable that does not have to be attached to a sink or faucet.

Can you tell me what is filtered by the candle and how often it would need to be replaced? I checked the water stats where we live and radium, chloroform, trihalomethanes and bromodichloromethane
seem to be the chemicals in our water. I also would like to filter flouride.

What is the difference between the Slimline and Imperial Systems?
There are 4 in our family, my husband and I and 2 young children and I want to use the system for drinking and cooking water.

The GSS2 water filter systems would be great for you and your family. Some of the benefits of a gravity-fed filter system is its' portability, slower filtration (which makes the filter media more efficient with added contact time), can be used whenever and wherever there is not a safe reliable water supply (any fresh-water source), and it's versatility of contaminant removal.

The ceramic candles in the system will significantly reduce or remove the chemicals, THMs (by-products of disinfection, which consist of chloroform), chlorine, microbiological contamination (bacteria and cysts), suspended solids (dirt, rust, particulate), etc. For fluoride removal, you would simply need to add-on our "add-on specialty element filters (2"x4" fluoride/metal) to the unit. This set-up should also reduce levels of radium but to what extent is not known or tested so one would advise you not to rely on it for radium removal. Two known (and certified) methods for radium removal are Reverse Osmosis and Ion-exchange (water softeners). These, however,
have their own downfalls.

The Imperial systems simply contain the same canister but larger size ceramic filters within it. The larger filters can produce water faster. The GSS2-IMP (with 2 fluoride/metal filters) should be
sufficient for your 4 person household. The Supersterasyl filters are interchangeable and you can always add or subtract filters from the system, as you go.

When Gravity Filter Supersterasyl Candlesn Need Replacing ?

I purchased the GSS2 more than a year ago and love it...
This system has both filters and I need to know when they need replacing.
What is the volume/measure to determine this?
The GSS2 takes 2 of the 2"x7" SuperSterasyl filters that have a 535 gallon capacity (each). This will provide you with over 1,000 gallons of premium quality water ( 1 year for a 2-4 person household).
Gravity Filter replacements