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Jan 30, 2006

Doulton referred by doctors.

I was referred by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, author of "Real Health Breakthroughs", a newsletter that I am a subscriber to.
I am a Pediatrician and will certainly make referrals to my patients (many of whom are increasingly aware of the impact of environmental toxins on the everyday health of themselves & their children).

For information on drinking water of health importance visit the following web sites:
"Miracles of water" by Dr. Cayer:

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj articles on health benefits of drinking water:

Global Health Solutions' website
"It is chronic dehydration that causes the pains and degenerative diseases of the human body." Miracles in Ordinary Water! On WaterCure site you can order F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. books "Your Body's Many Cries for Water", "Water Cures: Drugs Kill" ,"Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life", "Water: Rx for A Healthier Pain-Free Life".

Doulton filters are featured in Ann Louise Gittleman’s books "Fat Flush Cookbook" and "Why Am I Always So Tired?" which is about copper zinc nutritional imbalance.

How effective your filters are for removing/ reducing VOC's?

Do you have any written documentation stating how effective your filters are for removing/ reducing VOC's?
Among water filtration industry it is generally known that coconut shell carbon is superior to bituminous or wood based carbon for VOC's reduction. To test a filter against a wide (1000's) spectrum of carbon based volatile organic compounds is costly prohibitive which the cost will reflect on the finished product. The next better carbon for VOC's reduction is catalytic carbon however it's available in GAC form only rather than extruded block. Our whole house automatic back wash filters can be purchased with catalytic carbon option. The written documentation is what you see on the filters cut sheet.

Counter top Nimrod filter for filtering local city water.

I have a counter top Nimrod filter for filtering local city water, which is probably clean and safe as is. I use it every day, but in 8 months I have only used 20% of the filter's capacity. That is, the Filter Life reading is 80. Can I continue to use the filter for its full life? Can I continue using it until the Filter Life reading is near 0, or is the length of timed used an important issue?
Use it till full capacity or approximately 1000 gallons. CPI100UC (Nimrod, ICP) Countertop Water Filter Installation and Conditioning Instructions>>

After I turn the water off, my Nimrod unit continues to drip water. Is this normal?
The ceramic candle needs cleaning, the drip is caused by back pressure build up in the filter. For cleaning instruction visit the following link:

Manual for Sulfur Filter System

We have a Iron and Sulfur Filter System but we don't have enough information on the upkeep. We have a manual with the last few pages missing and we have no information on the brine tank. Is there anything you can do for us? Is there a manual we could get? Could you tell us where to look, at least? Anything you could do for us would be greatly appreciated.
From your description it sounds to me that you have green sand filter which requires potassium permanganate to regenerate. The most common valves with those filters are either Fleck or Autotrol. The only upkeep to it is make sure you have pot-perm in the brine tank and set the time clock to regenerate every 3-4 days. Other than this I don't have more information.

Jan 15, 2006

Water filters for use on the cold water supply of a kitchen sink.

Would you recommend any of your under-counter filters for use on the cold water supply of a kitchen sink?

I assume you want to use your existing faucet, right? If so what quality of filtered water do you want? For premium quality drinking water you'll have to compromise the low flow rate (maximum 1.5 GPM). For general purpose filtering rust and sediments we have 1 and 5 microns sediment filters that will give you same flow rate as without filter.

Differences were between the Doulton IP100UC & the Regent I

I was wondering what the differences were between the Doulton IP100UC & the Regent I water filters?

IP100UC uses Doulton slimline candle with a flow rate up to 1/2 GPM whilst the Regent I uses Imperial Ultracarb cartridge with a flow rate better than 1 GPM.
Do you have a dealer or local area rep near Some City, (State)?
You can find the water chiller and residential Doulton under-sink filter model IP100UC in Home Expo Centers under brand name Mountain Pure however Regent I commercial capacity filter can only be purchased from us.

Does the diameter of the water filter housing affect the flow rate?

I was interested in a water filter with a good flow rate (1gpm?) I saw on your website the Imperial Ultracarb Filter Cartridge and that it fits lots of “standard” filter housings.

I realize the Imperial filter is 2.75’’ in diameter and with more surface area comes increased flow.

Does the diameter of the housing affect the flow rate?
The diameter of the housing does not affect the flow rate, it's the input port that does e.g. 1/4" inlet will slow down, 3/8" is recommended. Our Regent system will give you good flow as well positive cartridge seal which can be found on the very bottom of the following page:

Ceramic water filter with 10 to 20 GPM flow rate

I have visited your site and it is very informative.
I do sell ultra violet water purification systems and filtration has always been a problem.
I hope I have found the solution with one or more of the products you have available.
I was concerned about flow rates.The ultra violet units that I sell use at least 10 gallons per minute, and as much as 20 gallons per minute.
Does your company make filters that can move 10 to 20 GPM and would allow my products to operate more effectively with a minimun of maintenance.
I also liked the coconut shell concept. Allowing the water to have a pleasant taste is a great idea.
Any positive or negative information that could be provided would be greatly appeciated.
Our commercial and light industrial filters can give you that kind of flow rate. They can be used with Doulton ceramic cartridges or any standard 10", 20" and 30" cartridges. For more information visit the following link:

Residential system for refrigerator with indoor water and ice

Very interested in residential system for refrigerator with indoor water and ice, the IF100UC. Also would like pricing for extra JG-tee for package.

I am in process of reading the entire site as it relates to home water and undersink unit but please give me more information for the ceramic candle capacity, for example, if I purchase the Model IS100SC do I clean and replace or discard and replace after the 1000 gallons limit is reached?

The IF100UC is not available yet however if you purchase the IS100SC a fridge/ice maker kit is available in 25' and 35' length providing that you can bring the tubing to the back of fridge from the filter. The 3/8"x3/8"x1/4" push-fit tee is included in the kit and the cost is $3.60.
The ceramic candle need cleaning when the flow rate decreases. The recommended change out is typically 9-12 months base on four users using the filtered water for drinking and cooking as well rinsing vegetables.

Removing the chlorine and fluoride from the water in my house.

I am interested in removing the chlorine and fluoride from the water in my house. I bought a whole house filter to remove the chlorine and a reverse osmosis under the sink filter to further purify the water and remove the fluoride. However I cannot find a percentage for the chlorine removal and the manufacturer can not seem to tell me either. Because of the lack of information and the cheap price of the filter $50 (smartwater GXWH35F) I am assuming that it probably removes a very small percentage of the chlorine. I am also now questioning the reverse osmosis filter because I read some of the drawbacks on your website (breading bacteria etc).

I want more pure water. I am particularly concerned about fluoride and chlorine as well as other chemicals. I am not too concerned about microorganisms (I don't want to increase them though by giving them a breading ground in a filter). I have been considering a whole house unit and an under the sink unit so that my drinking water will be even cleaner than my bathing water. I am also concerned about price because it seams that some of the filters are quite expensive

I hope this information is not to vague, Can you advise me on which products might be helpful for my situation.

You are correct about little percentage of chlorine reduction by that filter as the cartridge contain granular activated carbon (GAC) and the water channel right through the carbon bed. I don't know why these "big box stores" sell them as a "whole house system" as their chlorine reduction is at best 25% with capacity of 3-4000 gallons.

We carry automatic and none automatic whole house carbon filters that will remove >99% chlorine whoever we do not recommend them for your purpose for reason that in absence of chlorine HPC bacteria (harmless) will colonize your plumbing system causing bad smell requiring frequent system flushing (every water outlet).

These filters are designed for reduction of VOC's such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents commonly found is some well waters.

Most practical and economical solution for your purpose is to install shower filter to remove chlorine

and point-of-use drinking water system either counter top or under sink type.

Our dual housing filters CP200UC+ or IP200UC+ can give you premium quality water for drinking and cooking purposes. These two models when chosen with fluoride/heavy metals element will beat any RO system in addition of removing microorganisms. You should be concerned about these as cysts such as Cryptosporidium are not killed by chlorine and are commonly found in treated surface waters.

Related questions:

Where I can buy sediment FXHSC filter for GE SmartWater whole house filter housing GXWH35F?
scroll down to "Pleated polyester sediment cartridges, washable/reusable many times"

Carbon type filter element to fit the Franke that can remove Arsenic

I have a Franke little butler system with a ceramic filter. I noticed on your site that you have ceramic filters for this unit.

I have had my water tested and the only red flag was Arsenic being slightly over the EPA limit. The limit is 0.01 mg/L and mine tested 0.015 mg/L.

My question to you is do you have a carbon type filter element to fit the Franke that can remove Arsenic?

If not can you recommend some under sink filter cartridge that I can replace the Franke unit with?
We carry ceramic with carbon block core inside the ceramic shell for Franke specifically however activated carbon does not remove arsenic.

Your option is to convert the FRX1 Franke filter into dual housing system using our under sink filters with arsenic reduction element. The add on conversion kit cost $149.00 including arsenic element and it's very easy to install it. Simply remove your filter (supply line) inlet tube, plug in our filter into your filter then just push in the supply tube into our filter.

Can the supercarb, ultracarb or the imperial ultracarb be cleaned so that it can used again ?

I noticed on this link it only shows the 1 cartridge that can be cleaned.

The flow rate of the ceramic filter can be easily renewed by simply brushing its outer surface with a stiff toothbrush, plastic brush or soft scouring pad under running water. As the top layer of ceramic and the contaminants are brushed off and flushed away, a new layer becomes available. With the Sterasyl candle/cartridge this process can be repeated over 50 times and or when the diameter of the slimline element reaches 1.75/44 in./mm. Supersterasyl, Ultracarb and Supercarb candles/cartridges should be changed every 6-9 months as their carbon media will get exhausted sooner than the ceramic.
For more information please visit the following link:
Imperial Ultracarb lead removal capacity is 2000 gallons.
I have a doulton filter fitted with "stearasyl" candle.

I tried to see some tests made on this candle on your web site but its only
available on "superstearasyl", "ultracarb" etc and not on "stearasyl".

Aside from removing bacteria...

Does this stearasyl candle also

1. Improve the taste?
2. Remove chemicals like, chlorine and chloramine?
Sterasyl candle is for microbial removal only. Organic chemicals are reduced with the carbon inside the Sterasyl such as Supersterasyl in gravity mode or Supercarb and Ultracarb in pressure filters.