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Aug 8, 2006

Water filter for a trip overland in a vehicle in Africa.

i am planning a trip overland in a vehicle in africa - i am wondering what filters you would recommend. i am travelling alone.

currently i am considering the GSS2 - could you advise what the filter capacity is (overall litres/gallons processed by each filter?)

alternatively, what is the difference between the GSS2 and the Sterasyl? I see the sterasyl has a capacity of 50 000 litres.

could you please advise which of the above (or other) would be the best product for me under the above circumstances.

could you please advise soonest.

GSS2 is the gravity water filter supplied complete with two 2"x7" Supersterasyl ceramic candles,wing nuts, gaskets, spigot and filter lid.
Supersterasyl is a Sterasyl candle with coconut shell activated carbon inside to improve the taste and odor of the water in addition to remove organic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents. The carbon capacity using to filter out city chlorinated water is 750 gallons per candle, the ceramic shell is good for many 1000's gallons.
Spare set of candles recommended.

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