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Feb 22, 2006

Gravity-based water filtration system manufactured in India by Pradeep.

I am an American living in Uganda where I need to filter all my drinking
water. I recently bought a gravity-based water filtration system locally.
It is manufactured in India by Pradeep. Unfortunately, there was no
instruction manual that came with it.

It has two chambers, and the upper chamber has two candles in it. The
surface of the candles is granular and white. When I poured my first batch
of water into the upper chamber, the water that finally came through in the
bottom chamber had a funny smell and taste to it -- similar to the smell of
the candles.

Can you please advise me on the proper use of this system? Unfortunately, I
do not think that Doulton candles are available in Uganda. So, what are my
other alternatives?
The smell and taste is contaminants (antimony, arsenic etc.) leaching out of the ceramic candles. The Indian candles are not certified to be used as potable water filters.
On the following link you can find the Middle East dealer who may be able to sell you Doulton candles or also the European agent who's in charge of African sales. Make sure to ask for two 7 inch SuperSterasyl candles for gravity filters which will work with the Indian filter. Instructions are included with each candle as well rubber gasket and wing nut. If they can't help you please contact us, we do ship worldwide.

Feb 21, 2006

Where I can buy sediment FXHSC filter for GE SmartWater whole house filter housing GXWH35F?

Where I can buy sediment FXHSC filter for GE SmartWater whole house filter housing GXWH35F?
SMF100J-5 4.25"x9.75" 5 ┬Ám
filter is interchangeable with GE SmartWater whole house filter cartridge FXHSC and fits the following GE SmartWater Whole House water filters: * GE GXWH30C
* Most other brands of Whole-House filters that accept 9.75 x 4.5 inch filters.
Go to
and scroll down to "Pleated polyester sediment cartridges, washable/reusable many times"

Feb 18, 2006

Fluoride removal in Gravity fed water filters

I purchased the GSS2 Gravity water system. I have a flouride filter for it too
but I can't figure out where to put it. I assumed that it would be
in the lower compartment and attached to the faucet. However, the
adapter on the flouride element doesn't allow for the large grouves
from the faucet to fit into it.

Any suggestions, please call me as I cannot find out on the website
how to attach this, and I want to use the unit as soon as possible.
Screw on the gray coupling onto the short (4") fluoride filter nozzle
then screw the other end onto the ceramic filters nozzle on the
underside of the upper chamber. Make sure you use both. Should you
have problem give us a call.

I think I get it. Use both floride filters - one at the underside of each of the ceramic filters on the upper side.
I never thought of that approach. Good move.

Can you tell me how much flouride reduction there is in your
Fluoride/heavy metal reduction element for gravity filters 2"x4"
Typical municipal water will have up to 2 ppm fluoride which will be about 400 gallons for each element to reduce fluoride to none detectable level. The media is far more effective when used in gravity mode as opposed to pressure mode.

Feb 10, 2006

Does Franke Ultracarb FRX02 filter remove fluoride?

Question about the Ultracarb FRX02 filter used by Franke.
I wonder if you could tell me whether or not this filter removes
No, if you have single Franke filter and wish to remove fluoride we
have an upgrade kit.

Quote for "Spare Fluoride/ metal reduction candle" ship to Israel

Please send me a quote for "Spare Fluoride/ metal reduction candle" 2 each of bone char & alum media. Ship to Israel.
Are you aware that candle style element fits Doulton filter housing only (1/4 in. BSP male thread). If you are looking for industry standard 10 inch filter housing we carry 9.75x2.75 cartridge style with same media.
Cost of each element is as follow plus shipping via air parcel post:
Candle style 44.50 USD
Shipping for 2 21.50C
artridge style 49.90 USD
Shipping for 2 26.50
Both style are in stock.

Feb 9, 2006

The Ultracarb looks very brown.

I have to clean the Ultracarb every week. Far too often. I have tried 1um pleated and other prefilters but does not help much. What can I do to increase the time between cleaning?
How much water are filtering per week and how dirty is your water.
For normal household using the filtered water for drinking and cooking typical cleaning frequency is 2-3 months. If you are typical user and still have to clean it once a week then there is something wrong somewhere.
What is on the surface of the filter when you need to clean it? Does it feel slippery/slimy? If so then you have excess amount of heterotrophic bacteria (harmless) in your water supply which 1 micron pre-filter will not stop them at all.

We use about 10 litres (approx 2.5 gal) per day. The water appears clear. A lab report says that all is OK (E.Coli, mineral content and hardness etc) EXCEPT that there is a large amount of total coliforms (580 MPN/100ml).

The ultracarb looks very brown. The plastic ends in particular feel a bit slimy so it could be heterotropic bacteria as you suggest.
I will have a good look at it when I next have it out.
Could the bacteria grow on the outside of the ceramic, or will the silver content stop this?
Maybe I should use chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the tank. Perhaps a 0.5um carbon block filter used as a prefilter may help a bit?
It is the bacteria that plug up the filter. No pre-filter can help you unless you use 0.5 micron absolute which you'll be back at square one, change out the absolute filter once a week and they are expensive. The silver in the ceramic controls the growth of bacteria from proliferating on its surface.

When you clean the candle make sure you scrub off until the candle become white. Remember that recommended change out is every 6-9 months or maximum 50 cleanings.

Feb 8, 2006

Deluxe version- Doulton undersink ceramic water filter

I was referred by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, author of "Real Health Breakthroughs", a newsletter that I am a subscriber to. I misplaced his letter that gave a price of $170 for the filter, but I'm not sure if that included the Candle or not...

The filter model that Dr. Douglas refer ($179) to is same as you ordered (IP100UC) except it's a standard dealer kit that includes inexpensive faucet and very basic installation hardware. Your model is a deluxe version that is sold through us and very few dealers that want to carry. On the following link you can see the difference in faucets only in addition, the deluxe model installation components are more comprehensive and professional plus carry a lifetime warranty.

The immediate improvement in taste and odor on well water especially with good taste is not as obvious at once as with chlorinated city water. Visual evidence is often seen on well waters after period of use in form of candle surface discoloration caused by trapped invisible particles in water. Most visual evidence is slippery, slimy build-up caused by heterotrophic (HPC) bacteria on the surface of the ceramic candle reducing the filter flow rate. This is often found in well waters as well many surface waters. The beauty is that the ceramic candle will trap these invisible particles on it's surface which can be removed by scrubbing off with plastic brush or scouring pad.
If you are pleased with Doulton filter and want to refer it to your patient/friend please have them mention your name as a referrer. The reason for this is that we want to thank you for each referral with modest $20.00 check.

Feb 1, 2006

Water Softeners-what is the difference between 3 systems & what size I need & what is the best

what is the difference between 3 systems & what size I need & what is the best

2- ACMS Series Cabinet Style Water Softeners
3-Deluxe Metered Demand Water Softener and Activated Carbon Filter for Hard, City Chlorinated Water ( is this one Salt-free compatible when using potassium).
02.26.2007 We do not sell mentioned salt based softeners. Please see our NEW NO SALT softeners

They are all metered demand regeneration softeners (the best). Cabinet style means the softener is inside the brine tank making it look as one piece and they all can use potassium for regeneration instead of salt.
The no. 3 is a softener and carbon filter combination.

Based on number household members and amount of bathrooms in your house we can recommend you the appropriate size for San Diego water hardness which is averaging 13-16 grains per gallon.