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Jun 14, 2013

Water filter for virus

Does your filter ULTRACARB™ Features true absolute sub-micron filtration Filter out viruses like this one:Sawyer Complete 4-Liter Dual Bag Water Purifier System ?

Thanks for your inquiry. I do not believe there is a testing protocol for virus removal or if a filter can be certified for virus removal. However, that being said, our filters have shown to reduce virus
contamination because virus are typically what they call "free riders" in which they actually attach themselves to other larger particles and bacteria which are filtered out. Also, because of the
intricate maze of labrynths and complex pore structure of the ceramic shell, the virus may pass through the first layer of the wall, but then hit a road block within the depth of the ceramic. Please see our technology page for more detailed explanation and information pertaining to the ceramic filter technology.

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