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Jun 13, 2013

Salt free water softeners

I live in the small mountain town in CA. I am on a water meter, but our town of 1500 is on a series of wells. I am billed through the Municipal Water Company, so I believe our water is treated in some stage or another. I am in a 7 year old house that I built myself, and have a Life Source whole house water filter system with a small pre-filter. I believe it is a carbon system, as it does a flush once a week into the yard through a 1/2" drain pipe. I know one thing I would like to see is water
that is not so hard. ( spots and calcium build-up ). I found your site very interesting and would like your opinion on some products.
The first thing I would like to do is put in a under-sink drinking water filter with a counter-top faucet. How can I test my water to see which secondary filter i need ? What are your thoughts about leaving or removing my existing Life Source system in, or adding to it, or ??????. Please help me out with my concerns, without breaking my bank account.

For your hardness, we carry Salt-free water conditioners (softeners) to remove and prevent lime-scale depositing. Please see our NoScale systems located here along with the informative FAQ link:
Your municipal system should have an annual water report in which they have available to present you or published online. Please contact your local officials regarding that matter.

As far as undersink water filtration system is concerned, our IP200UC+ system is versatile and
far efficient enough to treat any municipally supplied water system.
Most people choose the fluoride filter if the area is known to fluoridate the water or if there may be a large heavy-metal content within the water. Please see the filter here:

As far as your existing whole-house carbon filter, it all depends on how long it's been installed (7 yrs?). What eventually happens is that the carbon within the unit will exhaust itself and reach it's total adsorptive capacity. When this happens, you can replace it with a new unit, or replace the activated carbon within it after dumping it out. My recommendation would be to purchase an inexpensive chlorine test-strip kit and determine if it is still removing the chlorine efficiently after all this time. Please let us know how else we may assist you. We would certainly love to work with you on this.

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