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Jun 18, 2013

Problems with aquacrock

We bought 2 aquacrocks a few weeks ago. One went to my husband's office and the other is in our house. The house one is only  producing about a quart of filtered water in 6 hours. What is wrong?
I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your AquaCrock filter system. With gravity filters, such as these, it can take 3-4 days for the ceramic filters to condition themselves to the water
supply. During this time, the filter production rate can be brutally slow. After 72 hours of the filters being in contact with your water, the flow-rate should drastically increase and even reach above 1/2
gallon (2 quarts) per hour. How long has these filters been installed and have been filtering the water? If the unit is not producing water fast enough after several days in operation, then I would advise you
to remove the 3 candles from the system and let them completely dry out. After about 24 hrs and dry, reinstall the candles and run 1 batch of water through the unit and discard it. Then, fill up the top
reservoir full of water once again and see how long it takes to filter the water. At that time, you can consume the filtered water.
If the problem still persists after this conditioning process, please let us know right away and we'll take the next step.

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