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Jun 17, 2013

Fluoride Reduction Water Filter

I am trying to decide on purchasing your countertop dual candle water filter especially for it's fluoride removal option. I am trying to ascertain how much fluoride it removes and if that is only the man-made fluoride or also naturally occurring fluoride as well. Another competing brand with a similar dual candle filter system, claims to remove only man-made fluoride and that it would take thousands of dollars more to get a system that removes both man-made and naturally occurring. So I am wondering if that is the case for your system as well.
The  filter will remove fluoride, both man-made and natural, to a very high degree. There are however, variable which effect how much fluoride is removed, such as; bicarbonates, ph, etc. However, in most cases, you will get non-detectable levels of fluoride for up to 400-600 gallons.

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