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Jun 14, 2013

Trihalomethanes and Shower Filters

 Does your KDF shower filter reduce (and by how much) trihalomethanes? Trihalomethanes are a BIG concern in my town water supply and it is the number 1 issue for me. Since these byproducts of chlorination are absorbed through the skin and breathed in from the vapors in my shower, it is imperative that I buy a shower filter that significantly reduces their presence. 

If you absolutely do not know about THM's, can you tell me how many ounces of KDF your filters have in them? I found info elsewhere that suggests KDFs will remove THMs, but there probably has to be plenty of the stuff to do it.

We use Sprite shower filters which do use a combination of the patented chlorogon media and KDF. THMs require much greater contact time with the media (and yes, enough media) than what a shower filter can be relied upon to provide. The KDF and Chlorogon media will certainly reduce levels but it's exact efficiency is undetermined.
 The most reliable way to avoid THMs adsorbtion and inhalation from showering is to use a whole-house carbon water filter. A large tank based system with GAC will insure enough contact time for the carbon to adsorb the organic chemical (THM). These units can be viewed and purchased from the following link

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