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Jun 14, 2013

Copper Removal from water

 I represent a water purification system in Australia and we sell your Doulton Ultracarb Filter. I have a customer that wants some information on Copper removal using the cartridge. I have been researching this and looked through your web site and found a pdf document about the cartridge with test results etc on it, but unfortunately I can't find any information specifically relating to Copper. It does state the cartridge will remove heavy metals, but for the customers benefit, I would like to supply them with more information. If you could help with this inquiry I would appreciate it greatly.
If the copper is in particle form then it will be filtered out 100%.If the copper is dissolved into the water then it should not be relied upon for 100% removal though it may be significantly reduced.
We do not have testing specifically on copper removal from the Ultracarb itself, however, it is certified against Lead at greater ;than 98% efficiency. Also, one could use a Doulton Twin filter system utilizing the Ultracarb plus a heavy-metal filter to achieve result such as this:

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