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Jun 14, 2013

Filtering Bromate

 I have two of your water filter systems and am very pleased.
My question is does it also filter Bromate out as well??
 Though Bromate is not normally found in water, it can be present in low concentrations when ozone is used as a primary disinfectant. The amount of Bromate converted from Bromine depends on the amount of Bromine in the source water, reaction time, pH, etc. The EPA has set forth guidelines to limit the amount of Bromine from the water, as well as, MCL goals which restrict the amount of Bromate formation levels down to "safe, allowable levels" from long-term exposure.
There is no know 100% reliable way to remove Bromate from water but given favorable conditions, Reverse Osmosis, GAC, and Ion-Exchange have been used and given warrantable further analysis for
 filtration. That being said, at this time, I would recommend a filter system containing 2-3 Activated Carbon filters within it, such as; R.O. systems or a multi-housing filter system like a Doulton 200 series filter unit, I also think a gravity filter would perform well because it offers significant, necessary filter contact time (slow, drip filtration), such as .

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