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Jun 13, 2013

GSS Gravity Fed Water Filtration System

I am interested in buying a water filter. My husband is in the military so we move a lot and rent houses. I think the GSS Gravity Fed System would best meet our needs since we need something
;portable that does not have to be attached to a sink or faucet.

Can you tell me what is filtered by the candle and how often it would need to be replaced? I checked the water stats where we live and radium, chloroform, trihalomethanes and bromodichloromethane
seem to be the chemicals in our water. I also would like to filter flouride.

What is the difference between the Slimline and Imperial Systems?
There are 4 in our family, my husband and I and 2 young children and I want to use the system for drinking and cooking water.

The GSS2 water filter systems would be great for you and your family. Some of the benefits of a gravity-fed filter system is its' portability, slower filtration (which makes the filter media more efficient with added contact time), can be used whenever and wherever there is not a safe reliable water supply (any fresh-water source), and it's versatility of contaminant removal.

The ceramic candles in the system will significantly reduce or remove the chemicals, THMs (by-products of disinfection, which consist of chloroform), chlorine, microbiological contamination (bacteria and cysts), suspended solids (dirt, rust, particulate), etc. For fluoride removal, you would simply need to add-on our "add-on specialty element filters (2"x4" fluoride/metal) to the unit. This set-up should also reduce levels of radium but to what extent is not known or tested so one would advise you not to rely on it for radium removal. Two known (and certified) methods for radium removal are Reverse Osmosis and Ion-exchange (water softeners). These, however,
have their own downfalls.

The Imperial systems simply contain the same canister but larger size ceramic filters within it. The larger filters can produce water faster. The GSS2-IMP (with 2 fluoride/metal filters) should be
sufficient for your 4 person household. The Supersterasyl filters are interchangeable and you can always add or subtract filters from the system, as you go.

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