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Jun 13, 2013

Want to buy some product-portable on counter type we should consider?

I want to buy a gravity fed system. I want to use the highest grade filter you have.

It seems the  Gss2 and Gss2 imp are similar. Do they use the same filter technology?
Is the main difference one is fancy looking?  I do care about durability/long lasting,
which should I get? Where is most bang?

Is there another portable on counter type we should consider?

All of the gravity filters use the same ceramic filter technology. It's only the size of the candle which differ. They are both very durable and will essentially provide you with the same
quality of water. The advantages of the GSS2 series is that they are constructed of surgical-grade
stainless steel . System holds 2 filters , it can produce between 10-20 gallons per day which is typically more than what most families would ever need for their drinking and cooking water.
The choice is yours! We are confident you will be happy with whichever model you choose.

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