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Jun 18, 2013

RV water softener

I have a new 2010 Everest I would like to find a water softener/ purifier system for. When we are traveling, 6-10 months/ year, we miss the soft water we have at home. We very seldom boon dock so we're not worried about using the holding tank. When we do I can fill through outside shower or maybe a diversion valve. The unit came with a drinking water filtration but we miss pure water showers and so on. there is plenty of room behind the docking panel for a medium sized unit 2'x3'x2' tall. Please give me any recommendations with prices if you can.
I can install with a good set of directions or have installed if needed for warranty
 Consider our Salt-Free Water conditioner. It doesn't soften the water but conditions it to where it does not scale deposit on and in your plumbing system. At the same time, it feels like soften water ;except without the slippery, slimy, feel. Please see our NoScale system designed for boats and RVs:

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