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Jul 3, 2013

Puro Water Filter replacements

I am the proud owner of a ceramic (leadless glaze)  "Purro Water Filter" by Royal Doulton, England. It belonged to my Mother who would be 104 if she were alive and I brought it with me from Africa when we moved to Portugal.
 Is it possible that cartridges (candles) are still manufactured for my filter? It is 47cm high and carries two candles, one of which  is marked "Doulton-super Sterasyl" and has what I call a bakerlite fitting and is 22cm long from top to bottom (including fitting). The other candle is longer and has a metal fitting marked Katadyn A G Wallisellen Zurich.
 I would be interested in ordering two new candles and would be grateful if you could let me know details.
The filter you would need for the Puro Water Filter would be two of the CN-SS 10" Super Sterasyl (L) located on the following link for $ 38.65 ea.:

 Hello- thank you for your prompt reply. With regard to the CN-SS 10" Super Sterasyl(L) filter you indicate, I see that it is recommended that 3 ilters are put into use and my filter only takes 2. Is is this a problem?  Also, what is the difference between the abovementioned filter and your Sterasyl CN-S 2"x10" Katadyn Ceradyn drip filter that sells for $68.50? Does the latter give better performance? i.e. why is it more nearly double the price?
The CN-SS 10" SuperSterasyl ceramic candle only requires 3 filters if you're using it in a Katadyn drip filter (which you are not). You can use just 2 if need be and it will work the same. The CN-S, as opposed to the CN-SS 2x10 does not contain any activated carbon for chlorine or chemical removal but the ceramic shell on both candles are identical as well as ability to filter out particles and sub-micron contaminants, ie. bacteria. The reason the CN-S is more pricey even without more ability is because it does not require replacement every 6 months or 1 yr. It is simply cleanable and reusable for several years.

 Hello there- sorry to keep coming back but I need to be sure! You tell me that the reason why your CN-S is more pricey is because it does not require frequent replacement (which for me is very attractive) but then you give me to understand that it "does not contain activated carbon for chlorine or chemical removal" which is surely a disadvantage? 
Perhaps I should let you know that I use my filter to ensure pure drinking water for my very small household and  that I live in a rural area completely free of any industrial activity and that the water I get from my tap comes from an underground spring. But I would like to be sure that my filter acts against such things as herbicides,pesticides and other nasties, and  know that "they" are about to start employing chlorine in our water installations.
Then you need a filter which contains carbon inside of it, like the SuperSterasyl.

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