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Jul 3, 2013

Filters for chlorine and fluoride

I am inquiring about your Dual Countertop water filters. I have been researching filters for quite some time and have been looking for something that filters chlorine and fluoride among other hings. I currently have city water but have been buying jugs of water due to the taste. I've looked at Nikken, I've looked at the Berkey, and many other filters. While reading the multitude of reviews your company was recommended as one of the leading in water filters. I'm skeptical about the Berkey and quite frankly don't have the space, a countertop filter would better suit my needs I think. I'm just wondering about the warranty. It says for registered customers it's covered for 3 years. Does that mean that as long as I register the product, then it is covered? Do I have to purchase it through you to be a registered customer?
 To become a registered customer and to receive the three year warranty provided by us, you must purchase the unit directly from At that point, you will have become a registered customer. No need to do anything else.

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