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Jul 16, 2013

How to Change Filter

I bought a house that has the water filter. I have extra filters but don't know how to change it. Where can I find instructions on your website? I have the Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Candle - 2" X 9 3/4" Open end ceramic filter.
 The Open End filters fit any Standard Filter Housing and we do not have instructions for those units. However, just make sure you shut-off the water to the filter, have a bucket under the filter because it will be full of water, and unscrew the filter housing.
Then, you can remove the cartridge and insert the new one (with the open end facing up). Turn the water back on and inspect for leaks.
Flush water (run to waste) through the system for 10 minutes and then let it sit for 12-14 hrs. Flush an additional 5 gallons the following day and then the filters are fully primed and ready for use.

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